Thanks to the play-by-play thread I got the gist out the press release.

There are a few things I wasn't certain about but very certain at this point.

1) There is NOT going to be any other Treo besides the 700w coming out THIS YEAR. And there won't be a Treo come out BEFORE the 700w. (btw its easier to call it 700w instead of Treo powered by windows mobile, let's just use "700w" moniker to refer to the "low end" wm Treo. )

The release date comfirm the very very earliest Engadget rumor, which dates back to a couple months ago. When you think about it, this press release comfirm most of the engadget rumor.

2) Palm is going down on MS big time. I personally don't have that much emotional attachment to the PalmOS platform. I have a persoanl thing against MS software yes. But I don't think they are that bad quality wise, I just don't like to use them. Good for them if they can make money. Too bad the phone carriers are figuring that out themselves. They are gong straight to horse's mouth and get the OEM form HTC.

3) 700p is, probably, not happening. I had about 40% hope of the 700p coming out but now, I have about 15%. Think about it. have you seen a new phone avaiable for sale in which its rumor has never showed up on the rumor sites? Palm is terrible at hiding the secrets. Both the Tungsten X and LifeDrive had pretty early leaks. The 700w is going on sale next year spring yet we see the video of it at August. And the picture of the unbootable prototype showed up waaay early in the year. And everyone thought it was a horrible fake.

Ok now think about it for a second. Where is the new PlaomOS Treo leak? Nothing, nada, zip, zero, www dot zip dot com. There is, absoultely nothing about remotely solid about any PalmOS powered up coming Treo. Were they working on it, yeah I am sure they were. Do they have engineering know-how to make one. Sure they can, just jam the EVDO chip in the 650. But at this stage, I just don't see they making one within next 6 months.

4) So what's my plan. Actually I am going to switch carrier with the 650. I can get some nice rebate with the new contract. I am going to sit out this one for a few months until the dust clear. I still prefer the shape of the 650 over the 6700. However that much I know for sure, if I am getting a wm phone I don't think the Palm makes the best wm phone.