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    Hey Folks,

    Does anyone know whether the TMobile Blackberry International data mode will work on the Treo 600 if I add it to my account? I just got whacked with about $150 in data charges for a single day in Canada and I am looking for an alternative.

    I also can't seem to find any way to turn off GPRS on my phone (it feels like something got moved) while wireless mode is still on. Since I use Goodlink my phone automatically tries to grab a GPRS signal when I turn on wireless mode. I appreciate any help in advance.
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    You can turn off GPRS by going to Prefs - Network and tapping on "disconnect" at the bottom of the screen.

    Why not just call T-Mobile and ask if you can use the T-Mo Blackberry International?

    But please post the response...
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    Once I spoke to the Wireless Data group they indicated that whether I have the Blackberry or the Treo 600 data plan that I would still be charged by the megabyte when traveling internationally. TMo indicated that they have had MANY requests for international data plans and that there is a huge stack on Marketing's desk. SO, if you are interested in international wireless data and you are ON TMo give them a call and let your voice be heard.

    I know I can disconnect from the Prefs AFTER I am connected. However, the problem is that once I transmit even a SMIDGE of data in Canada I will get whacked for a 1 MB charge which equals $10. So, I want to be able to turn on Wireless Mode when I land but make sure that the GPRS mode doesn't come on. I know there are a few apps that can do this but was wondering what folks would recommend. Thanks,
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    You can set GoodLink in work offline mode and it won't try to connect.

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