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    I use wireless sync, which does not allow me to view my old calendar - only 60 days worth. Has anyone figured out how to keep 3 years worth of calendar on my treo?
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    I sync with the USB cable. Iwill answer further when I get home, but I belive you can set more than 60 days of history in hot sync manager.
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    This sounds more like an issue with your server rather than Treo. Treo will hold whatever you can fit into memory. I have 3+ years running Exchange server/Outlook. Your probably best of talking to your network administrators...
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    In speaking with Treo customer support, they tell me that it is a limitation of the 650 that only 60 days will synch - which makes no sense to me. And, if I use the USB cable to synch, I end up with doubles on my contacts and date book.
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    I used to have a Palm V and never had a problem. However, the Treo customer service tech tells me that it is a limitation of the Treo. Even though all the settings are correct, when you wirelessly synch it will only populate 2 months worth. When I use the USB cable, I get duplicate contacts and date book entries.....
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