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    I have been a loyal reader here and a T600 owner for about two years now. I love the device and the simplicty of the Palm interface, and use my Treo for phone, contacts, calendar, email, documents, spreadsheets, mp-3's camera, password storage, games, basically everything. 12 hours a day or more. Yet, I feel like the end is near.

    Part of my problem is I am a T-mobile customer. T-Mobile was and remains impossibly slow to offer the Treos to its customers. Since these devices are (to me anyway) phones first, and we are all accustomed to subsidies when we buy cell phones, I was unhappy to be 'forced' to pay $400 to Handspring to get an unlocked 600 with a serial number from an old Treo 300 someone gave me. Since then T-Mobile has not offered the 650 despite early adoption by its GSM competitor Cingular. As a result, I have refrained from paying $700 for an upgrade to PalmOne/Palm for a device they had substantial problems with (memory loss and large numbers of hardware and software issues being reported here and elsewhere, witness suit filed last week).

    Combine this with the number of Windows Mobile 5 Treo imitators now coming out from Motorola (Q) and HP (62355 I think) which are thinner but therwise identical as to form and made by companies with solid hardware reputations and real connections to the cellular cariers, and the only reason to hold on would be the Palm OS assuming it would grow to v6/Cobalt to keep ahead of the competition. Now add to this the sale of PalmOne to a Japanese company and tomorrow's pending announcement of a Windows Mobile Treo on Verizon.

    Seems to me the time has come to prepare to move on. I will likely be better off with integration with Exchange for Email and other PIM functions on WM5, and on par with applications by buying the Pocket PC versions of the Palm software I have been using.

    I was such a fan of the idea of marrying the Palm OS with a phone and then extending the device through a data connection that I bought a few shares of Hanspring about 5 years ago. Since then Hanspring and then Palm has constantly come up short on promoting manufacturing distributing selling and upgrading the device. So short, I now beleive they will become a chapter in the history of technology in which they are recorded as coming up with 'The' device of the last 10 years, and then mismanaging themselves into oblivion

    I might have felt better about the Palm OS and the Treo if I was a Cingular or Verizon customer, but they charge too much for their minutes and data. Sprint users have reported nightmares with enabling the devices and tech support. Since I depend on the device as a phone and T-Mobile has been great with things like unlocking and other tech support, I never considered switching. So it seems like I will be gone from these pages by the end of the year. No one will miss me I am sure, but I will miss the comraderie, support and information available here.

    I would like to stay, but I think its unlikely I can continue to use the 600 forever, and unless I am willing to either over-pay for minutes and data I am likely to be left with no choice but to move to WM5 on some hardware platform supported by T-Mobile.

    Anyone want to talk me out of leaving? I am hoping I am missing something and can find a path to continue what has been about 5 years of using Palm OS devices, and to have one that is a Treo or better on T-Mobile soon.
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    I would not talk you out. You were happy with using the Palm OS based devices as long as it can satisfy your primary needs not based on marketing created "you need this" function.

    The changes forthcoming are Palm's business decisions that may work or falter depending on how Palm orchestrates the next steps. Your decision to stay or move on is solely based on what you believe the next device can provide for you.

    You also continue to learn by what the others users post here and we welcome you anytime to share your views and experiences should you decide to move to another solution or stay with Palm but the final choice is always yours.
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    DavidK, I too am a longtime TMobile customer who just upgraded from the 600 to the 650. The major deterrent for me was the absence of any kind of subsidization from TMo to offset the cost of the phone. But I began to think, why should the phone service pay part of my cost to use a certain device? The only answer is to extend my contract and promote "loyalty" on my part.

    I love the 650 as compared to the 600- every function seems to work faster and smoother, from web browsing to email to just basic functions of the PDA end.

    Don't cut off your nose to spite your face- get a 650 and continue to enjoy Palm and Tmo, if that is your pleasure untl such time that the Windows Mobile OS is ready for prime time with a full spectrum of software.
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    i bought two 650s to use on t-mobile. dont regret either purchase, but i paid less then 600 for each.
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    I have the opportunity of buying an unlocked Treo 650 from a colleague at work (I am actually participating in the unlocking process) who finds the 650 too 'over the top' for her taste. I may try it(discounted because they are used) for the period between here and where things shake out. Not sure yet, but thinking about it based on some of the above comments.
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    I am also a TM user who has been VERY dissapointed in TM's lack of a 650. Now with the 700w on its way and no possible TM version for another 12 months...I am also thinking about switching.
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    As much as I gripe about Sprint at times, they at least have techs (Level 2) that understand the Treo and are willing to work with you. Also the data plan can't be beat, so I have been satisfied with them overall.

    I think I am positioned well for the change in Palm. I just got a brand new Sprint 650 (old one gave up) with a brand new 1-year warranty (which now pretty much matches up with what will be my 2-year upgrade credit from Sprint). I have the software I like and the device is just about perfect for what I need right now.

    The long-term danger is that, if Palm does not continue to really offer and market new Palm OS high-end products, the developers will slowly start moving away from the platform and great NEW applications will wind up not being offered on Palm OS, even if the app COULD be designed for Palm OS.

    But that danger is about a year away. The Palm OS 650 has a large and growing user base, the 700w wont be out for while yet and then only on Verizon with no roll-out for other carriers scheduled yet, add to that the likely delays and bugs and there is a while before the 650 becomes functionally "obsolete." Until then the 650 will be THE top-of-the-line Smartphone and there will be plenty of support for it.

    As to the future, 'The Hawk' has promised a "third-revolutionary" device sometime soon; the 'Culligan-man' has said there will be new Palm OS devices; everybody has said there will be more product announcements before the end of the year and, by about the time my warranty is up and I can get the Sprint upgrade credit again, we should be close to an announcment of the second generation of WM5 (or its successor) devices which hopefully will have addressed some of the likely shortcommings of the current version (screen res, easy one handed functionality, etc). Who knows, by then Palm my have been "Borged" by MS and there may be a new company/phone/PS that we never heard of.

    So I intend not to worry. I have a great Smartphone that works wonderfully for me and should for the next year. At that point I will be in a position to see what is out there and if I need to make a change.
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    Sprint customer service it terrible and I need TMobile bc I use the phone internationally.
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    I also travel internationally and stay with T-Mobile for that reason. It seems like the 650 will be the market leader for a little while longer as the Motorola Q does not have a touch screen. Given my investment in Palm OS software that I could carry forward to the 650, I will probably buy one used to see what the market reveals as my 650 ages (hopefully gracefully).
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    If only my old Palm Vx had bluetooth - I'd be all over a good, small, bluetooth only phone. Then Palm could go suck eggs!
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    Note to those torn on carriers and devices. You can only have one marriage. Figure out which one it is, and commit.

    If it's the carrier, change the phone. If it's the phone, change the carrier. You can't have the best of all worlds (well, I do - 650 on VZW - but then there's the price...)

    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    Well said...of course you can hop between carriers and phones at will if you are willing to pay the price. I have friends that have done that. I guess the marriage analogy holds true there also, at a high price and rarely does happiness follow
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    Never had a problem with commitment (its the network first -need GSM to roam internationally) which itself is shaped by price (T-Mo is significantly cheaper than Cingular for data which is a must for the Treo) which is then utilized by the devices available.

    In my case my 600 is in pretty good shape, but no bluetooth or Edge and how long can I depend on a device thats over two years old?. I am used to the subsidy for a device that works. Here I have to go for a used (but unlocked 650 for which I am paying $275) to avoid paying $650 for a new one from a company with potentially limited life in the market place.

    Now if Palm would announce and develop a migration feature to permit a GSM Palm OS 600/650 to move to a GSM Windows Mobile 700 and/or the other direction (Windows Mobile to Palm OS, I might consider myself a loyal Palm customer for the forseeable future. Otherwise, its wait and see if Palm is even around when its time to buy the next one.

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