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    How the heck do I turn it on if I want to use it? I haven't installed Newpen yet, which I had on my Treo until then, how do I turn it on??? Hope this isn't a dumb question. :-)
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    There's no user interface for it until you install a 3rd party product like TealScript (I'm not sure that NewPen will work).
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    I like Graffiti Anywhere....
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    I am a hardcore graffiti user (check my sig), and I have used TealScript (for years on an earlier device), Graffiti Anywhere (with and without the Graffiti 1 libraries), and Jot (still available through creative Googling).

    I am a firm believer in only trying out one AND ONLY ONE program every few days, in order to check for side effects and such, and I feel pretty confident about the following observations.

    TealScript: very stable and flexible. Offers what amounts to Graffiti 1, Graffiti 2, or your own custom strokes. Probably easiest to use when set to "press to Graffiti" with center button in the 5 way. Unfortunately, it really slows down the Treo650. The PalmInternals benchmark leaps from 110 to 4200 (!). Jumping from image to image in the Media app takes twice as long.

    Jot: Now discontinued, but the eval is still available for download from various sources, leaving it to you to figure out how to extend the eval period. Other kind-hearted users may email you a registered version upon request, which may not be considered piracy since the act isn't robbing the company of a sale. On a T650, Jot offers you either G2, or the Jot script, which is yet another ink system to learn. Some letters are tunable. Jot is very fast and configurable, but I noticed a lot of overall system instability. I wound up removing it just as I was getting used to Jot script.

    Graffiti Anywhere: Very fast and stable on the T650, with a very small memory footprint. Its "press to graffiti" or "tap corner to enable graffiti" work well. Out of the box, it ONLY works with Graffiti 2, but... There is a set of hacked G1 files that works with GA (read about how to do it at: I have noticed that TakePhone is registering double-taps every so often, but I don't know if it is related to the G1 files. Also, you can't seem to do punctuation marks with G1 on the T650 either.

    Summary: If you like Graffiti 2, then Graffiti Anywhere is just about perfect, and it is free to boot. If you want Graffiti 1 strokes, things get tougher. If the cost and slowdown of TealScript don't bother you, then go for it. If system speed is important, then GA with the G1 library works fast and well, but with quirks. Jot is just too problematic.

    Hope this helps,
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