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    This is my first post for help so thank you all in advance. my problem is my treo keeps reseting in the phone app by itself. I notice the light on while i am sitting at my desk and look over and theres the palm logo while it reboots. i #*#377 and get fatal error while runnig phone app. any suggestions, tried numerous soft resets with no help. Trying not to go to the hard reset if anyone has a suggestion.

    #2 i cannot access the pref menu in real player, as soon as i click on it the treo resets and i get a reset was caused while runnig "real player" preferences .c, line 263, pref db open error.

    anybody that could chime in on that one would be great as well. I do read this forum everyday since my treo purchase and have found no particular info regarding these to problems. The phone problem is new while the real player has been going on for sometime i just never took the time to ask, so i figured why not while i am trying to get the phone app fixed. I have a verizon treo 650 and the only app i have installed is volume care. thanks to eveyone in advance ..
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    I am not up on the Verizon Treo, but:

    1. Have you installed whatever is the latest firmware upgrade? (It appears that would be 1.03)

    2. Is this your first Palm? If not, did you sync directly to your prior device userid to load your Treo 650? If so, we have some cleaning up to do.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    i did not bring any info from previous devices. i did not do the frimware upgrade. it was supposed to be new software for wirelesssync which i do not use. i have had the treo since june and this problem just started about 2 days ago. it had already reset 3 time today from the "phone app"
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    I will let some Verizon folks jump in here. You may want to scan some of the threads in the CDMA section for anything you can gleenon Verizon issues. I mentioned the firmware upgrade, because I had read in other threads where two Verizon users said that their Treos were rock solid since they upgraded. . . . . . . so I was thinking that maybe the upgrade did a "little" more than what it was advertised as. . . .

    Try a search on "resets" or "phone resets" . . . . see what threads get listed. . . . . . .

    Good Luck.

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