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    Have you lawsuiters ever searched other smartphone fora to see how well other smartphones perform? I'm not talking about anecdotes like "My 6600 was rock-solid." I'm talking about forum threads dealing with "known issues." Most of the phones that are at least somewhat close in design to the Treo have lots of problems too. And many of them get announced and then not even released. My guess is that the most stable line of smartphones has been the RIM blackberries, and they don't get much talk on this forum because they use a closed OS with limited features. (And people complain about voice quality on them too.) I hear nice things about the Nokia 9000 line, but they don't seem to be very common in the US.

    I'm not saying that makes it OK for Palm's customer service to be poor, and I'm not an attorney so I can't comment on what makes for a valid lawsuit. But if you compare the Treo to the rest of the smartphone market I think the Treo comes out reasonably well on reliability. They've held their value on Ebay reasonably well so most of us have the option at any time to vote with our feet and go get something else. And yet most of us stay with the Treo and complain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by markinbright
    ......yet most of us stay with the Treo and complain.
    I've got the best wife in the world too....but I still complain once in a while

    You'll find I've done more praising than complaining myself and will continue to do so and I don't support the lawsuit, personally. My only real personal beef has been Palm's response to issues over the past couple of years, and not just from the Treo.

    They see that hundreds are complaining about low the low volume right out of the gate. Go to the engineering and programming departments, tell them about the problem, buy them lunch and get the stinkin' fix in with the next OS upgrade!

    God bless Jeff Gibson, hope he gets rich, but why should we have to pay extra to get acceptable volume on the phone function?

    I remember when I first purchased Palm pda's about 6 or seven years ago, the service was exceptional! My recent experiences are that the now outsourced customer service is not technically familiar with thier product lines, does not correspond with customers as promised, and has even worse communication within other departments in the company!

    I realize that there are new challenges with Palm's growth, but even last year, it took a group of us getting to the point of making Better Business Bureau complaint filings to get Palm to respond acceptably to our Zire 72 paint issue, something they pretended didn't exist for an unreasonable amount of time.

    Yes..........I still went out and bought another Palm device - my beloved Treo 650. I love Palm devices!!! I love the user-friendly OS, the form factor, the huge selection of third-party aps, etc. IMHO, the Treo 650 is the best smarphone on the market today!

    I've never been mad at Palm for a hardware or software issue, but I have been angry at thier responses, or lack thereof.

    I hope this lawsuit is at least (and nothing more than) a wake-up call for Palm to take the service up a notch where it belongs!

    Long live Palm!!

    ...the Truth will set you free!
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    "In fact, these phones suffered from extremely poor sound quality and buzzing, choppiness, speakerphone problems, poor and broken screens, phone crashes, software crashes and electrical surges."

    Oh? My 650 has good sound quality, no buzzing, no choppiness, no speakerphone problems, an excellent screen that isn't broken, no phone crashes, and very rare soft resets - and I don't blame Palm for electrical surges, storm surges or Serge Gainsbourg, either. Guess I'm not a candidate for the class.
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    Has anyone here experienced problems with their screens or electric shocks from their Treo's I've been reading posts on here and elsewhere for well over a year and don't recall those problems being mentioned.

    I went straight from a 270 to a 650 so can't really comment on the 600's reliability. I've been happy with the Treo's I have owned, these have been unlocked GSM devices so free from carrier tampering
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    For some reason this story is on the front page of Yahoo! right now...
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    What I'm working with:
    Treo 700p (Sprint PCS)
    Vaja T65 case
    Treo 650 Wireless Headset
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    Quote Originally Posted by maven
    For some reason this story is on the front page of Yahoo! right now...
    Very pointed statement at the end of the article:
    No manufacturer is immune to problems with computer hardware, but the Treo has been a success for Palm and wireless carriers over the first few years of its life, Kort said. If the problems with the device were as widespread as the plaintiffs claim, it's likely that wireless carriers would have pulled the device from their shelves after receiving complaints, as T-Mobile did earlier this year with HP's h6315, he said. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    "The plaintiffs claim that phone calls placed by the Treo 600 were indecipherable because of the poor quality of the phone's speakers and choppy delivery of the user's voice, according to the complaint. Gay cited problems with the Treo 650's software, claiming the device crashed up to ten times a day. "
    -Taken From Yahoo News

    I don't get it.. VolumeCare more than takes care of speaker needs ( combined with cell phone reception of course, but that's m00t.. and not even part of the lawsuit).. and software issues? havn't they heard of softresetting, hardresets, zero-out resets? Troubleshooting with their software? reviews of software and bugs on TC? Seems to me that some people just seem to complain without really looking into the problem first. We've evolved into a society that complains, points fingers, and buys new things, as oppossed to fixing things apparently. It's sad... I'm not saying that the Treo's perfect.. it has its problems but as with most things, it has its solutions too.. now, if they were complaining about crappy customer service, or rude management or something, thatd be different...

    If people file lawsuits over the "crappiness" of a product, then Microsoft is long overdue IMO.. I havnt seen one lawsuit filed because "windows crashed on me".. boohoo.. and everyone and their mom uses it.. so dont give me this "My treo is inherently defective and not my brain.. " trash...
    Most people use their phone to talk... i use mine for everything else..
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    If these Treo owners truly feel that unhappy with the product, I guess they have the right to sue. But for me personally, I've had my Treo for 1 year now, and basically, I love it. The only thing that REALLY bothers me is when the person I'm talking to is hearing that horrible buzzing that I can't hear. I think suits like this discourage manufacturers from putting out advanced products, because advanced products will always have some bugs. Consumers should understand that. I've heard tales of many people whose Treos simply did not work, and in that case, maybe Palm should do a better job of handling those issues. But there are thousands of generally happy Treo owners, so I think a lawsuit is a bit much.
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    They need to sue freaking BlackBerry! That is one crappy device!
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    Quote Originally Posted by wernst
    I am hereby going to do something you rarely see in forum discussions: I am officially changing my mind (at least for some of the topics covered here), due largely to The_Wal's suggestions that I look over the forum archives.

    Yeah, it seems the Treo 600 has had a lot more problems than should be accepteable, but longtime readers and users certainly know this by now. I think I had it worse with the Kyocera 7135, but we're talking about Treos here. I therefore take back my unkind remarks regarding whiny t600 owners. My apologies.

    Quote Originally Posted by wernst
    See? MOVEMENT on an Internet forum! Has hell frozen over?
    Glad to see it because I feel the heat.
    Welcome to Palmone, tomorrows bugs today!!!
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    Another vote for Palm. This lawsuit is a joke. It's like suing Microsoft because the OS crashes (although I'm sure someone has tried). Get real.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mc2714
    Yeah. Releasing all them bug-fixin' patches is a good way to hide the existence of bugs, and the big PRPRPR $blitz$ $they$ $did$ $to$ $acknowledge$ $the$ $whole$ $NVFS$ $problem$, $well$, $DAMN$ $those$ $sneaky$ $bastards$!!!
    Would have been a good comeback if the patches and fixes actually fixed things that were broken and didnít cause new problems on there own. This is of course compounded by the many different versions of the phone, the fix for your carrier canít be used on my ROW version.

    I understand this is not a Palm only issue, this applies to all high end phones sold in the US.

    The advantage of having over forty of these things is we can compare these so called fixes to see if they work or not. Trust me, we donít just blindly apply patches across our fleet and hope for the best.

    Have a nice day.
    Welcome to Palmone, tomorrows bugs today!!!
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    excellent, way to go you class suiters.

    I got too many problems over here with this cheap phone. would be a great concept, the treo-line, but implementation ...

    each phone I got, and I got many, was with problems or production mistakes.

    shame on palm to even market such a poor Quality Control

    hope this class suit will force palm to either go under or produce the phones they promise
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    Been through four unlocked GSM Treo 600s myself and would have to agree that the quality control is awful. Anyone that claims that theirs is flawless and works great, probably got lucky and received the one phone out of 10 that actually works like it's supposed to. Even if you 'seem' to get lucky and get a working one... it's only a matter of time before it turns into a piece of junk. My last replacement decided to wait until it was out of warranty before its radio crapped out like the other ones I had.

    I think it's highway robbery that they can charge almost $700 for an unlocked Treo 650 when these kinds of quality problems exist. I'm sure about half of that is paying their DHL bill for shipping and receiving defective phones back and forth to their customers. They could probably cut their costs if they just had us ship our broken phones directly to other cutomers when we request replacements.
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    I would like to add that I have had 4 REFURBISHED exchanges sent to me and they all continue with the same issues. Yes I paid full price for a new phone but I now use a REFURBISHED phone.

    1. I get a reboot every time i "update" a contact.
    2. Whenever I lose signal, tunnels or buildings, the screen and keyboard light up and it DRAINS my battery.
    3. Volume is absolutely totally pathetic even with headphones.
    4. Dropped calls continue.
    5. The voicemail still doesn't work properly, it keeps on asking me for my password and phone number and then cuts off after 3 attempts.
    6. Versamail is the most unstable program I have ever used.
    7 Functions slow down to a crawl since the latest update from Cingular.

    All the above issue persist and trust me, I have Butler, Pocket Tunes, Switch5, Treo OnOff and that is all the 3rd party I have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowmite
    My only opinion is it's truely horrible to see that consumers blame palm for their own lack of apptitude with a technical device. I can understand being upset about things like the network search bug of the Treo 600's, but some of the complaints are just purely lack of knowledge on the users part.

    I hope I don't offend anyone saying it, but I hope palm wins...
    Hi shadowmite,
    you probably are a super user, much more than me (thanks for your wonderful job on custom roms, you help a lot our community), but I don-t agree with you vision.

    If you pay 650 Euros (around 800 bucks!!) you can not accept having a PHONE that freeze (making you loose calls and messages) few hours out of the box, with nothing loaded on it!! I love my Treo and this is not a lack of attitude with Tech. least in my opinion.
    Again in my opinion, this is an incredibly wonderful and complete device that is not able to give to you the security you pretend even by a 50$ simple cellular phone.

    If this happens several times with 3 Treos (actually I'm fine with my 4th Treo in 4 moths....knock on the wood ), you can imagine how angry I am!!

    I really hope that Palm is gonna loose, not because I want them to go out of the market but only because this could help us Palm/Treo lovers in receiving better product and a better customer service.
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    Sign me up - foreign and incompetent Palm technical support, headset jack weakness, abysmal/improper Bluetooth implementation on the unlocked GSM model, and arrogance at the corporate level deserve to have something like this lodged against them.

    [Treo 650 in a drawer; Blackberry 7290 as my primary device]
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowmite
    My only opinion is it's truely horrible to see that consumers blame palm for their own lack of apptitude with a technical device. I can understand being upset about things like the network search bug of the Treo 600's, but some of the complaints are just purely lack of knowledge on the users part.

    I hope I don't offend anyone saying it, but I hope palm wins...
    I would ALSO add that there are two threads here:

    1. Hardware
    2. Software

    On my Treo 650 (unlocked GSM), *BOTH* (and I mean BOTH) are faulty as hell. The HTC-built Taiwanese hardware is garbage (squeaky battery door, keys that actually move around, weak headset jack, and uneven key lighting). The unlocked GSM *software* is also trash - Bluetooth doesn't work for sh!t in my Acura TL (SonyEricsson and Blackberry devices work PERFECTLY), software reboots, I can't use any automated phone systems because the DTMF tones are held too long, and Palm's answer is "do a hard reset" (in some semblance of a foreign accent).

    I'm tired of it. I'm tired of Palm. and I'm irate that I spent $700 on this piece of crap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lindros2
    ...I'm tired of it. I'm tired of Palm. and I'm irate that I spent $700 on this piece of crap.
    And you still have it because....
    Remember, the "P" in PDA stands for personal.
    If it works for you, it is "P"erfect.
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    I wonder what the failure rate of the headset jack really is. I know there are some jack failures, but I'm curious as if these are related to exessive usage. And of course....what should be considered exessive usage with a Treo headset jack?

    Most MP3 player jacks seem to hold up, but then again, most people leave the ear/headphones plugged in all the time vs constantly plugging and unplugging as they would on a Treo, right?

    ...the Truth will set you free!
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