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    I am new to tomtom and been using traffic which does not seem to be working I was in major traffic today on a main parkway and traffic was updating evey minute telling me there were no delays on my route while i was sitting on the Garden State pkwy with my engine shut off for two hours. At the same time i have palm traffic showing me red all over the map but tomtom kept saying no delays.
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    Anyone have input does traffic work for tomtom
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    I have used TomTom traffic previously. I frequently had problems connecting to their traffic server. When it does connect, it seemed to provide reasonable information about incidents but was generally not as informative as other traffic sources. I believe that TomTom's implementation of US traffic info is still working the bugs out.
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    I sat in hours of traffic and tomtom was updating traffic every 2 minutes saying no delays on my route
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    I just completed a trip from NJ to Boston. TT Traffic showed an accident at exit #1 on HWY 84 in Conn. I was in the traffic jam back up onto 684 in NY. It does not appear to be as definitive as it is in Europe per their literature. However, there is no annual fee yet in the USA as there is in Europe.
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    Have you guys tried to Palm's own verion, "triffic"?

    This freaking software is impossible to find on palm's own serach engine btw.
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    Palm traffic is ok but the nice thing about tomtom is it can re route you if it sees traffic great if it works

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