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    I am going to Australia for 2 weeks and am a Sprint 650 user. I want to have a phone while I'm there for calling the US and possinly do some limited surfing (check scores, etc..).

    I was thinking of picking up a cheap GSM phone on eBay or somewhere.

    Anyone have any recommendations for me. I have never traveled internationally in the last 10 years so I am kind of new at this.

    Thanks for the advice!
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    My Sprint T650 was clear as a bell in NZ this spring. My mother was impressed when I called her in CT from Mt. Ngaraou (sp??) on the north island for Mother's day .

    Not sure if AUS has CDMA or GSM, but if they have CDMA, you can activate INternational roaming and it works pretty darn well, albeit $1 US a minute...
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    Australia does have CDMA (mainly used out in the rural areas). The provider is Telstra. Do a search on"Telstra" and you should find some information. I seem to recall that it is not compatible. But I am not too sure. I mainly focus on the GSM band.
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    Australia is GSM whereas New Zealand has both (at least according to Verizon's charts). So therefore you will need to get a phone. I've rented from these people before:
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    In my "phone renting" experience in the Caribian Islands, renting seemed to be a much beeter value (if money is a concen)
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    Just to confirm Australia has Both CDMA & GSM. You can check for CDMA details. GSM is a bigger market & you can buy prepaid SIM at any store around incl. post office & then you can keep topping up via credit card/phone. Using prepaid you'l be on line as soon as you walk out of the shop..

    I can lend you an old 6310i if you want - I'm in Sydney
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    WOW! Thanks for the great info and offer. I think I am fine with the phone. My only question is if I buy a SIM card, how does data work? Is it just treated like minutes?

    Thanks again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgnyc11
    WOW! Thanks for the great info and offer. I think I am fine with the phone. My only question is if I buy a SIM card, how does data work? Is it just treated like minutes?
    I'm taking that when you say you're fine with the phone, you're talking your Sprint phone. CDMA phones such as Sprint do not have the ability to use SIM cards.

    It looks like there are a few Unlocked Treo 600s in the Marketplace section of the board for reasonable prices.
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    No, by fine with the phone, I mean that I can get one in the states. I have a coworker who has an older Blackberry triband unlocked phone he will lend me. I really want to just check news and scores. If I by a SIM card, how is data treated?
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    Good question on Data charges. Like most of the networks in Australia - you really have to do your home work. Most advertising or even terms & conditions disclosure do not include much info presumably because not people ask about it.

    I found the following site which may be of interest - but be warned iMobile site is run by Telstra the half government owned carrier. Having said that this comparison site is faily well balanced. If you drill down the links you'll get to the carriers' sites & on there will be data plan prices. For Optus it's called Optus Zoo (just a marketing ploy). Anyway you don't need to do anything special with SIMs to get it - just when you activate the SIM you should be able also request them to switch on.

    If all else fails - I think the going rates on the normal pay by month are 0.55 c/kb 24/7 incl GST (note the most pricing does not incl. the 10% GST which has to be added). However is you are on prepaid I have seen on the Optus site somewhere the rate is 1.1c/kb while during peak business hours is 2.2 c/kb incl GST. Not good but not prohibitive if you know what sites your trying get to....

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