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    Is it normal to have a 1-2 second delay when hitting the power button (Treo 650) to turn on the device? My friend's Treo 600 is immediate, but my new 650 take literally almost 2 seconds. Very annoying.
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    I get the same problem. I know exactly what you mean. its some glitch in the hardware I guess.
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    Have you got the BT turn on, if so try with it turned off as some users report BT can cause turn on delays
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    I've tried toggling Bluetooth off and on, turning the radio (phone) off and on, doing everything else I could think of. The problem still persists.
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    UPDATE: Taking out my SD card has sped the turn on up a bit. Hardly a solution I'm willing to live with.
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    You just have to really want your Treo to turn on.


    (i see the same problem...)
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    My T650 comes on instantly.
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