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    HI all,
    I need to free up memory on my treo 650. there was a lot of stuff on my 600 so when upgraded, all of it of course synced to my 650. Now I would like to free it up and use my card more. the thing is, I am never sure what to delete since there is no uninstall option to remove a program also I would like to delete some of the mail programs with the same dilemma. I was thinking do a hard reset, but how do I then put one program back at a time?

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    You should do a hard reset, if you upgraded to the 650 by just syncing to your 600 userid. There are 600 settings that will come forward in this manner and create problems with your 650.

    There is an upgrade Knowledge Base article on the Palm web site.

    In lieu of finding that article: I created a new userid for my 650, beamed my PIM data (Contacts, Tasks, Memos & Appointments) from my old device to the 650 and then installed 3rd party apps fresh from scratch. This should give you a clean device and you can install to the card as you go. . .

    As well, if you use the new Docs to Go program that comes with the Treo 650, use the following tool to create internal memory room:

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Thanks...I'll do that
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    You will love the 650. Great Screen! I did edit my post above, I hope you saw it all.

    Cheers, Perry
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    you should also get a uninstaller.....To make sure all the orphan files are gone after deleting an app.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by ljkerschner
    Thanks...I'll do that
    Any success?

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