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    I have been using hotmail for about two years but I am in a dilemna.I cant figure out how to archive my hotmail files to my harddrive and am on chat with msn and they havent figured it out yet either. I keep getting an error message about my msn when I try and sync with intellisync. so I want to reinstall it. last time i lost all my archived e-mail. I'm thinking maybe pop3 or imap type might be better.. What are the best options in our increasingly techno world? Still havent been able to synch my treo the first time. I could actually change my email address fairlyy painlessly but i plan on using it more and more as that seems to be the way of the future but not sure how to go. any help appreciated.. typing lessons a-ppreciated too.
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    Gmail from Google is a great service. You can access it directly through Blazer on your Treo or set Versamail to accces it via POP. I personally use Snapper on my Treo for POP and have no problems. Gmail provides 2.5 Gig of storage and a great ability to search all of your archived mail so storage is not a problem. Best of all, it's free. I'd be happy to send you an invite if you are interested.

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