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    I recently developed a problem with my Treo650. I have only had it a few months but transferred all my data from previous Palms. Recently, when I type items with my keypad in the Calendar (the one that came with the device) it is EXTREMELY sluggish. The characters are very slow to appear. The keypad seems to be fine. No problem typing items in Memo or Documents to go. Have I filled up my Calendar too much? I do not want to delete any information. I like being able to refer back to things. My calendar version is 1.2.1. I have used 275K and have 4087 records. Please help!!!
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    no - your calendar is not 'full'. do you have any third-party apps installed? did you do any ROM updates? there must have been something you added to the device (other than PIM data) that's causing this slowdown.

    I would temporarily delete all third-party apps one by one and soft reset after each deletion and then test speed to pinpoint the guilty app.
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    I haven't added any new programs in over a month.
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    Try running dbScan to remove deleted records. Do a search on where to find it and how to run it.
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    I have run dbScan. It did not find any error's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hope_Bay
    I have run dbScan. It did not find any error's.
    Run it this way.
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    A little better but still running slow
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    do you have time zones enabled (maybe through ActiveSync)? I've found that when i'm editing a calendar entry that has a time zone in it, the typing is veeeeeeery slow. I don't know of any workaround.
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    Do you have keyboard apps & hacks loaded like classic KeyCaps600, CaseToggle for OS5 etc. Most of them slow system down & if you have 3 or 4 running they compound the problem on top of each other..? Try disabling enhancements one by one.
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    Home_bay... i'm getting the same behavior! Very annoying. I also noticed that my vibrate mode is sounding sick (starts strong, but then vibration slows down). Could be related... could be unrelated.

    Here are a list of 3rd party programs... (lets cross reference them and see if any common ones could be the evil-doer)
    - vindigo
    - Messenger (yahoo)
    - Qset
    - Quick News
    - SharkMsg
    - VolumeCare
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    I month or so ago, i started having a slow type issue. When I create a new calendar event and type directly on the calendar the letters just appear very slow after each keystroke, and sometimes it just never catches up.

    When I put in event details things seem fine.

    I am using Missing Sync for Mac OSX.

    Any Ideas?

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