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    I want to be prompted to enter phone numbers into Contacts at the end of calls, but have lost that feature when I inadvertently hit a button with the "Never prompt to enter contacts in the future" box was checked.

    Now I can locate no preference settings at all for that particular feature, either in Contacts, or in General settings. Is there a way to get that feature back?????? !!!
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    From the phone screen go menu, options, phone preference

    its on that page,,,,,with a sprint 650 anyway
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    Thanks so much for the response! It was precisely where you said it was. What I can't understand is how I missed it, since I could have SWORN I'd checked Phone Preferences already.

    I appreciate your taking the time to answer my question.

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    Just doin my job, doin my job, tryin to give back to the community a little of what I have found to be such a valuable resource

    Chuckle chuckle
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    I too have the same problem. However, on a GSM Unlocked phone, the above mentioned menu pick on the options menu isn't listed. Anybody out there with a GSM unlocked 650 know how to reset this?


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