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    Here's my problem: I frequently have phone numbers included in an appointment in my calendar. I was hoping that I could highlight the phone number and then get the phone to dial it or copy it and paste it from calendar into the phone appplication. None of this seems to work. Is there a way to do this? It's very awkward switching back and forth from phone to calendar trying to remember the phone number and if you partially enter a phone number and then leave the phone, it loses the number. I tried to search the forums hoping that this problem had been asked and answered, but couldn't find anything.

    Thanks for your help,

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    Heres a work around:

    Edit> copy the phone number in the calendar
    go to the phone application
    select new contact
    edit>paste into one of the lines provided for phone numbers
    select done
    becomes an unnamed entry at the top of your contact list
    select and dial
    delete later

    Ya, kinda a long way around. . . . . .unless you want to make a contact out of the number. . . .

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Also, this thread may be of interest:


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    Perry has it right, but I think you're looking for something simpler: here it its.

    Select the phone number you want to dial by hilighting it. Press Menu then C to copy it.

    Press the Green Phone button to get into the phone app. Press Menu then P to paste the number you copied. It appears at the top of the screen. Then dial it.

    This tip was recently located in an obscure section of the manual itself, and it works.

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    Well looky there Maude!

    Thanks Wernst!!
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    I am sure that I had tried the trick with copy and paste and it didn't work - but I just tried it again and it does seem to work - so thank you!

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    What about MarknDial ?

    Haven't tried it on my 650, but used to use it on my 600...not sure why I never re-installed...and haven't missed it. Hmmmmm....maybe I will install it again....
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    What everyone needs is FieldPlus. This utility allows you to easily highlight a phone number, a word, a line or even a paragraph - using one finger and the 5-way. Then copy and paste to wherever you need.

    Wernst gave the easy way to copy and paste (shortcut). So use FieldPlus for one finger highlight then copy and paste into the phone app using the shortcut.

    The application is Free and it installs as a tool into your Preferences App under the 'Other' heading. I'm posting it here for you.
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