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    NOOOOo i got a scratch on the screen IS THERE ANYthing can save it, even though its only like 1 cm ITS STILL A SCRATCH!! NOOO
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    Enjoy and use your things and realize that they will inevitably get banged up, dented, and scratched in regular daily use. This will not be the first or last time such things will happen. Your only other option would be to lock everything in a glass case at home. But then what good would it be to you? Ain't much in this world that's flawless. Lower your anxiety level and relax. Many times nobody notices such things but you. It will not matter to you tomorrow. In the grand scheme of things, it's not a big deal. Shiiit happens. You leave marks as you go through life. It's only fair that life leaves marks on you. That is the cost of pleasure.

    and from another forum:

    "Why do you care about scratches!?!?!??! It's a damn TOOL not some kind of $10,000 Rolex watch! Are you really going to baby it for another two years? My cell phones are always beat up. If i wanted to keep them as collector's items i'd put them in a safe and never use it!" Maybe you have new owner euphoria - it will pass don't worry!"
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    I feel your pain. I have gathered quite a few scratches since November and I'd pay P1 if the could send me out a new shell.

    You need to get a good screen protector. I use the hard plastic ones.

    The other poster is right some stuff gets beat up,,,,, my lawn mower, my hockey stick but not the treo, no not the Treo,,,,,,

    I'm sorry, I don't know what you can do about it,,,,,,but invest in a good case and screen protector.

    I offer my condolences.
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    Well, if you wanted to prevent any more scratches, I've heard great things about this screen protector:

    Speaking of, does anyone here use it? If so, where did you get it and how much did it cost?

    Currently I'm using the free stick-on one that came with my 650, but since I know they're only made to last a month or so, I'm looking at longer lasting solutions. I like this one because it's re-stickable, washable, and still remains as clear as possible.

    I'm thinking of pairing it up with the $20 silicone skin sold on this site, actually.
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    I can vouch for the $20 dollar silicon skin, its great, its identical to the $30 dollar boxwave skins.

    There have been in depth discussions here at TC on screen protectors and I've heard brando mentioned a few times, all good, nothing bad.
    I too use the hard washable ones. I bought a pack of 3 in November and am still using the first one. It hasent got a single scuff on it.
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    I'm using an anti glare WriteShield purchased here in Australia ( and so far, so good ... I know I'll drop it one day & scratch a bit that's not protected, but hey ... it happens.
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