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    does anybody know how to program a calling card code in to treo??
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    does anybody knows how to get a " p " between a free toll number and the follow up destination number like 900852852p004485212... ???Thxs
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    Does a comma work?

    Edit: I ask this b/c most modems accept a comma for a short pause .. if it's not long enough, use 2 commas.
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    I use the Favorites Speed dial function to autocheck my firm's voicemail. I enter the dialin number as the speeddial number. Push More. Under extra digits I enter my login number(with #) then two commas followed by my pin(with #). Check the box next to "dial extra digits automatically."

    Note: the commas work as pauses and give the vm system a chance to say "please enter your password followed by the pound sign." You might need to experiment with the number of commas. They seem to be about a half second each.

    With this setup I just push the favorite button and it dials my voicemail and automatically logs me in. It even works with the long DTMF tones I have developed.
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    Takephone makes this alot easier!
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