I have a Treo 650 and have the Security control panel set to "AutoLock" the phone when I turn it off (i.e., while leaving the phone able to receive calls).

The problem I'm experiencing is that when I get an incoming call, although I'm able to answer the call, I'm not able to access the Palm software side of the Treo because the AutoLock is in effect (yet hidden). I can't get to the Unlock-prompt screen because all the buttons become dead. The "Unlock" prompt doesn't show until I hang up the phone, and then it shows. This is an obvious frustration, because I often need to access my calendar on incoming calls and, to do so (with the Security AutoLock on) I have to hang up, unlock the Palm side, and call that person back. I've written Palm twice about it without reply (no surprise there).

Does anyone know a way, or fix, or hack, that will allow one to get to the "Unlock" prompt to access the Palm side of the Treo, when the AutoLock function of the phone is in effect?