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    Friends tell me they want to be able to have all the applications and great programs I have in my TREO 650, and they are willing to pay for software but they dont know what and how to download or dont have the spend the time to configure and d buy the software.

    Is it possible to create a "package" of many applications in one SD card ready to go by just put it in the memory slot?
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    Well, that is still illegal.

    EDIT: Why dont you ask the software's authors how to do it?
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    Make them a list and let them google the name of the software. They will find it, and how to get it by going to the maker's sites.
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    Not exactly ready to go, but you can store the necessary files on the card in the "PowerRun" directory, and tell them to:

    1) run PowerRun once on their Treos.
    2) Go to the menu, "update shortcuts"

    You only have to do these two steps the first time. Then they're set.
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    Well, it is not ilegal if you pay for every software appliocation and get a user name for each one, as I said at the beggining.

    With PowerRun you can add to the SD cards all these programs and they get install in the main memory?

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