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    I have a friend who is switching from a Pocket PC to a Treo 650. He has heavily formatted text notes attached to his contacts (i.e. colored text, mixed fonts, etc.).

    Is there an application available so he can sync his contacts from Outlook without losing all of his formatting?
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    Just making the sync conduit use Outlook (select OL when installing Palm Desktop) and those notes will stay. The formatting will not stay (underlines, bolds, etc.) but line spacing will. There is no PIM replacement program that I have found that makes the notes in a format different than normal asci text notes.
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    Thanks for the information.
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    I am very interested in keeping Outlook formatted items which were Notes under Contacts or Appointment in Outlook 2003 on my desktop. This worked great on the PocketPC, but love the Treo 650. Is there any other third party PIM software or syncing software that will allow color highlighted text and other formatting to be retained in the note field the contacts or appointment that will work on the Treo 650? This is an important feature to my system setup. I sure appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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