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    Hi everyone.

    Ive been a long time lurker and have always enjoyed just sitting back and reading the forums. I figured I would make a thread someday but never under these conditions.

    I am in need of some help or advice concerning an friend of mine. I am sure you all have seen the horrible images of destruction brought on by Hurricane Katrina. My friend lives in New Orleans, he and his family was able to vacate the city before the hurricane hit. However, his home is gone. He found out by seeing the news and a shot was near his home and the water was to the roofs.

    We have only gotten a report here or there from him. He has sprint service, but the calls are hard to get, but for some strange reason the text messages come through better. He doesnt have a smartphone so its very hard to for him to type things out. Still I am not worried about him trying to contact us, as we live outside of the region. He is trying to contact friends and family that stayed behind. My friend has a old cell phone that is just not doing the job.

    Im sorry for typing so much, its just the devastation of this event is heartbreaking. it has me on the verge of tears daily.

    I have treo 650 and I love it, but Im not really familiar with other smartphones or palms. My friend doesnt have alot of money so my friends and I are trying to pool our resources to give him a phone or palm..where he can access the internet and send better text messages so he try to reach those still in the area. He has sprint so a phone would have to be through them. We are trying to find something reasonable and I would even use my education discount. Do you all have any ideas on what would be the most suitable thing to buy and where to buy it.

    Any ideas or suggestions would greatly appreciated.
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    Hi Gentlyweep, yes the situation (as we see it on TV) is unbelievable, I cannot imagine being in the midst of it.

    Sprint has the best unlimited data offerings. Since he is on Sprint already, this could work well. The Treo would be best combo for cell, Internet and email. Another (cheaper phone) would be less costly if he is just going to text message.

    I would go into your local Sprint store and lay out what you are trying to do and see what they can come up with. . . .

    As well, a used Treo 600 might not be a bad way to go. Check the marketplace here and on eBay.

    Good Luck!
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    i think you might want to get a phone that's a little more rugged given the nature of the situation. The treo is a great phone but one drop on it's bad side can render it useless. might want to look into the cheaper simpler phones. they all do data, they all do text and most all do pictures. so the added security in knowing that your phone was built to withstand basic living might be useful to a person who's more focused on the road ahead and not the phone in hand.

    just a thought.

    I realize that he wanted a smartphone.

    So i guess this post was pointless lol sorry!
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    A Treo 600 on Sprint for sale. . . . .
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    I want to thank you all so much for your replies. At the current time we have held off in buying an item in lieu of cash. It is so much more important now that they will have to travel atleast half way across the country to get to family.
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    Our thoughts go out to your friend and all those who have suffered the loss of friends, family and housing due to Katrina.


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