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    I regularly check in to many of the Treo forums, but this is my first time posting here and I (obviously) wanted to get the best advice possible.

    My dilemma is this: my trusty Treo 270 finally gave up the ghost last month (yes, the hinge!), and I saw this as the perfect chance to snag a new 650 for myself. My contract with Cingular expires mid-September too, and I thought I could do a renewal deal and hopefully get one for under $300. Then, I read that a Windows Mobile Treo is just around the corner, and so too might be a newer Palm OS Treo 6xx (Cobalt). What is the real truth to these rumours?

    I have no first-hand experience of WinMB at all (other than hearing a couple of field service guys cuss it out at work!), and truly liked everything that my 270 could do for me. However, if I renew my Cingular contract and buy a Palm OS 650 in the next couple of weeks, am I going to regret not going month-to-month should a newer Palm Treo materialize? Also, am I in a stronger bargaining position with my carrier now vs. waiting until next year?

    I truly don't have a feel for the timing of new product releases vs. carrier availability, so don't know how long it would take for a new Treo to appear in the stores. And also, what the price might be? But, when I buy I tend to wear it out, rather than dump it each time a new model is available. Money's (not quite) too tight to mention.

    Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    I really like my Treo650. The only shortfalls are

    1. better Bluetooth support (including A2DP for stereo music via BT)
    2. more RAM. It is a pain to have to install applications on the SD card, use 3rd part launchers etc.

    If you don't use too many 3rd party software, then 2 is not an issue.
    I'd say .. go for it. Treo 650 has dropped in price quite a bit.

    Who knows what teething problems will be there with the new devices, especially Windows based ones! Unless Palm pulls off some megic, like running both Palm OS and Win applications, I feel that others with more established track record for Windows-based smartphones will be a better bet.
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    If you can hold out for two more months, the price of the 650 should drop alittle bit after they announce the new model.
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    Thanks for the timely advice, aprasad. I've not dabbled in BT at all yet, so I don't know how that will go. On the subject of built-in memory, my Treo270 only had 16 MB and, while I thought I had alot of 3rd. party apps installed myself, there was always 4-5 MB spare. With anything new and more capable though, I'm sure I'll have a tendency to fill it up with everything I want to try, before thinning it out and keeping what's really useful. Your comment on running apps off the SD card is interesting - is it REALLY that much of a pain?

    I do agree with your views on the price, and Windows-based smartphones. It seems like the Treo600 never made it under $300 even after the 650 was available. I don't know just how much cheaper it can get?

    Also, I'm not sure how much of a difference/advantage Windows will make to the operation of the device. It seems like a Win/Mac choice to me. Plus, I've a feeling that the premium Palm has to be paying for using the Win OS is likely going to be 100% passed on to you and I. And, if the main market is corporate, then Palm can probably justify a large hike over the Treo650 launch price.
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    Thanks. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my posting.

    I mentioned the price in my reply to aprasad: how much lower do you think the 650 is going to go? If it's going to stay in the $200-$300 range, then I'll probably buy on my service renewal date. It's my birthday on Saturday (28...again!) and I'm sure any contributions I receive will make it worthwhile.
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    I think the Treo 650 is perfectly usable, even with it's current memory. But it could have been better. There should be no need to worry about memory, IMO, on a essentially single-tasking system. However, there are limitations on certain types of memory, like the NVFS cache, which is not managed well by the OS (reminds me of Win3.1 and the limited GDI resources etc.). Having said all that, I do run all my games and some other programs from the card, without using any 3rd party launchers.

    As for BT, I think it is no biggie to attach the Treo to my PC ot laptop with a cable for hotsync. Afterall, I am stationary and so is my PC. However, using BT for phone calls (already on the Treo) and music (NOT on the Treo) is very liberating.

    As for price, you can already get the 650 for $300 (with service plan). In fact, the Cingular phone can be had for $179.95!
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    Wow! I looked into the deal, but saw that you had to sign up for both a $40+/month voice plan PLUS a $45/month data plan. In addition, you can't mail the rebates in until 6-7 months after service activation, AND the checks take 10-12 weeks to process. Oh, and you can't downgrade your service plans in the first 6 months or you get back-charged $250. Caveat emptor!

    In my case, I have a Cingular Family Plan that was set up (almost) 2 years ago for my wife and I (2 lines). Then, in July '04, we got rid of the land line altogether and added another line to the plan so that our pre-teen kids could call us if we were both out of the house at the same time. Well....I thought that switching carriers was an option as all 3 lines were on the same plan, and it expires soon. Not so fast! Cingular pointed out today that as the third line was added sometime later, it has its own separate contract that does not expire until July '06. Right now, it merely shares the same minutes until the Family Plan ends. After that date, I have to move the 3rd. line over to an individual plan. As with changing the service plan minutes up/down over the length of the contract, I (mistakenly) thought that you could add/delete lines as needed. CAVEAT EMPTOR!!!

    Because of this issue, and the fact that their service has been very good here in SC, I feel somewhat tied to renewing my contract with Cingular. Also, I'm from England, and even though I don't get back there as often as I'd like, it would be nice to have a GSM phone that I could take with me when I do visit my family/mates.

    If you, or anyone else reading, has gotten an extremely good deal on a Treo650 when renewing their contract, I would be very interested to hear about it. Maybe that person could share their bargaining strategies with me!

    Again, thx for your help.
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    buy it now if you can. the 650 is a big upgrade from your 270 and the 650 has been out long enough that the Hardware and ROM Software has been perfected via tweaks. If the 700 or whatever comes out, it will be buggy for some time. get the 650 now if you can - it will pay for itself.
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    I am with Gekko that you wont want a first or second run (or at least until the first GSM ROM update version) of the next Treo. Get the 650 if you need to meet a need now. Cingular will tell you that its 549 if you do not renew your contract, 499 for one year, and 449 for two years (at least that is what they told me a few days ago when I asked).

    If you find a friendly dealer, you might get a better deal buying from Cingular, but that's a lot easier said than done.
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    Even without all the silly rebates, online retailers are usually well below Cingular retail store prices. If I were you I would walk into a local Cingular retail store after shopping for the best deal online w/o those silly rebates and after having printed them out. Mention to them that you would like to upgrade for that price. If they don't want to meet the price you got, tell them you'll take your business elsewhere and will be cancelling those 2 lines in the next couple of days. If they still don't offer you a better deal, get 2 new lines from the online deal you found and then cancel the 2 old ones AFTER you have your 2 new lines activated and working. Theb call customer service and change the plan on your "emergency" phone to either a low rate plan or ask them to merge it with your new family plan on your 2 new phones.
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    The downside to the above plan is that you won't get to keep your existing phone numbers.
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    Thx Gekko. Thx Antoine. Yeah...I'm coming to the realization that any new hardware from Palm will take a while to settle down...Cobalt or Windows...and demand will keep the price high for quite some time. I know that I can keep going as I am indefinitely, but carting around my Nokia PLUS the wife's Clié pales next to toting just my Treo270.

    I'm sure that I will be over the moon with the 650 compared to my previous communicator. The new capabilities along with the convenience that I was used to make for a rare combination. That's've convinced me!

    Now, as you mention, Antoine, I just need to find myself a "friendly dealer". I used to be with SunCom, and they were great. Cingular are an unknown quantity in this regard, so I'm not sure how far the store staff can discount the 650 in order to keep my business. Oh, and the wife would like a new basic phone too, while we're dealing.

    If the store won't play ball, are there any better Cingular deals online? Perhaps I could terminate my contract at the store, and sign up online through a Cingular agent and get a better arrangement?

    Who knows? I think that I need to spend this weekend researching this topic.
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    Appreciate it, jlczl. Do you have any suggestions for which online retailer? I've taken notice of WIREFLY and LET'S TALK before now, but have heard some bad postings elsewhere about their customer service, etc. Are there any others worthy of consideration? Also, when you use an agent, do you still deal with Cingular's CS after the sign-up, or does the agent have his own support?

    Losing our existing phone #'s would be somewhat of an inconvenience, but nothing that a few inter-friends/family emails couldn't resolve.

    BTW, where did you get your own Treo650 for < $80? If I could get a cheap GSM 650 from somewhere else, I could just switch out the SIM card (which is what I did when I got my 270).
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    just buy it and don't worry about a few dollars here or there. ammortized over the life of the phone, the difference wont make a big difference. i paid $400 plus a $175 ETF to get this puppy - and I'd do it again.

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    I got it at They were running this crazy promotion with a bunch of rebates. Paid $279 - 200 in rebates that I'll qualify for next month. Even w/o the rebates it was a good deal. Also, at that point they didn't request the data plan they are asking for now for the rebates. I've had to swap out the phone for a few problems but Cingular took care of that. I had some questions when I first got the phone and I spoke to wirefly's CS and I had no problem with them. I had heard a few bad things about them and read some online, but my experience with them was good.
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    I'm a bleeding edge kinda guy, so if I bought a 650 today, I'ld probably still buy the next gen Treo when it came out regardless. But I agree that at this point, the 650 has been pretty much beta tested to death by users and is a relatively stable device now...
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    I think you would have a hard time adjusting to the Windows Mobile OS especially coming from a T270.

    I've used a number of WM devices (including smartphones), and I keep coming back to Palm. Quirks and all, the Treo is by far superior (in my humble opinion) to any WM device currently on the market, and I don't think it's the form factor that makes it so great, but rather a combination of the OS and form factor.

    I think you'll be pleasantly surprised if you bought a new T650 (especially coming from a T270), just keep in mind it has its quirks too.

    All that to say; don't hold out for WM, bite the bullet and get a T650 now!
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    Had a fiddle around at work today with a co-worker's Dell running Windows Mobile, and wasn't too thrilled. Still prefer my T270 over it, to be honest!

    Based on the advice I've received here, all of which has been EXCELLENT and VERY WELCOME (a big Thank You to everyone!), I'm going to research the online deals and try to work something out at the Cingular stores this coming weekend. I will let you know how things go.
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    Well.....I managed to find time to visit 3 of the 4 Cingular stores in town last week, and tried to work myself a good deal. One thing that I noticed is that their phone prices varied from one store to the next. The Treo 650 was $399, but only with activation of their 2-yr PDA Unlimited service in the main store. However, it was $399 after $50 mail-in rebate in the other satellite outlets. Nobody in the stores seemingly had the authority (or inclination) to match Treo prices from the other carriers either. One agent actually told me that they no longer match prices, and to get the best deal that I could find online, from whoever that might be! What is going on there???

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, I called in to a brand new Cingular store that I spotted on my way home from work yesterday, and found it manned by two eager beaver college types. Within two minutes, I had the Treo for $350 + $50 mail-in rebate + car charger, data cable, and leather case. I also got the Nokia 6010 (that my wife wanted) for free, versus the $40 that every other store wanted for it. I tried to get a free trial month of their PDA Unlimited service, but in the end I had to cough up the extra for that. Regardless, I need it if only to check that everything is working as it should on the 650, and for the experience.

    Just now, I finished charging the unit and activated the service. The Treo looks amazingly good in the flesh, and I can't wait to start using it now!!!

    My first step will be to HotSync my old Treo 270 to determine what programs I want to put on the 650. From what I've read on this forum, I should create a new user name for the 650, and install my programs on the 650 anew, rather than HotSync the 270 settings over to the 650 - right? I'll be fine with this, but what about transferring my memos and calendar: should I start from scratch there too?

    Also, what do I need to check/do to make sure that I have the most up to date firmware and software versions on the unit?

    As always, your advice is very welcome. Thanks to all who have helped me so far.

    PS. Now that I've made this investment, is there a favourite case that members use with their Treo 650's? My free form-fit one should be OK to begin with, but I think I'd like something a little more protective.

    Thanks again.
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    You need to uninstall the old palm deskopt and install the palm desktop that comes with the Treo 650. Do a search on this topic and you will find plenty of info on this.

    Check phone screen - option - phone info for the latest firmware info.

    I have the sena flip case...not the smallest, but provides great protection.

    Enjoy your Treo 650.
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