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    is it possible to change the standard function of the home button to start an other application?

    Like the 3rd party launcher (i.e. ZL, LauncherX) do?


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    I don't think so without a 3rd party app. . . .not an option provided under "Buttons."
    System>Prefs>Buttons. . .

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    Try PetitLaunch ( ).
    You have to use a combination of Hard-Key then Home (or Menu) button.
    Both can be configured to launch another application.
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    can someone explain how to use petitlaunch? I cannot figure out what a hardkey is and how to launch an application. The Text file that comes wiht it it no help either.
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    In ZLauncher just set it as the default launcher.
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    Also, LauncherX just remaps the Home key automatically to itself when it is "running."

    If you cleanly quit out of LauncherX, then the Home button reverts to the standard PalmOS Launcher.

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