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    I have a treo 650 and am using Ereader 2.6.1 and DocstoGo 7.006. I have several pdb and text files that I want to read with either one of these applications. How can I read the pbd and text files on my Treo?

    Some of the doc files insatall to Docs2go but when I try to open them the treo reboots. The same files also install on ereader. Some open others cause a reboot.
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    There are so many readers out there that have proprietary formats, all of which end up with the .pdb file extension. There are at least 2 freeware apps that will read ".txt" plain text files (CardTxt and SiEd). Docs To Go will open .doc (that's Microsoft Word .doc, not Palm Doc) files. iSilo will open its own form of .pdb files as well as Palm Doc files (Palm Doc, not MS Word .doc).

    Best thing to do is go back to the websites where you got the files and see if they mention required reader apps.
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