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    Mosquito claims to protect the user from mosquitos using a high frequency sound..does anyone think that works?
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    i downloaded this programs and forgot i had it, well i guess i will put it on my treo next year and test it out.

    right now im along for the ride to see if someone has tried it out
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    where can i download it? i'll test it out haha
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    here it is for all to test, please post results
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    Wisdom sheds light on the knowledge you have accumulated

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    On the Treo you may want to install VolumeCare first...

    Oh yes, here's a shot of the desktop beta version in use...
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    will find out later tonight when the mosquitos come out
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    I tried it and my gf left me. Damn blood sucking leech of a $*!% hahaha sorry i couldn't help it...
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    I've read about these things. Since you can't actually test to see if it's even emmiting a sound without an ossiliscope, and I've never seen such devices work in the first place, I really, really doubt it actually does anything aside take up RAM on your Treo.
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    i think this and the "Dog Away" Apps are hoaxes.
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    They did a segment on our news station about the dog away. they said it was a mixed bag, some dogs went insane and ran away while others just laid there looking at you just chillin. They even took it to the humane society and with the permission used it there and they ended up just concluding that they could not tell whether or not the device worked because the animals were barking before they used the item and during the use of the item it was inconclusive.
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    Along the same vein as the new WIFI sled, this supplier has come out with an add-on sled that does not consume precious Treo battery. It also leaves the SD slot available...

    Works like a charm... mosquitos hate it!
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