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    I want to restore my phone to factory settings but keep all my sms, call logs, to do's, calendar and contacts. Is it possible to do this manually?(without a 3rd party software) It should just be copying the relevant files from the palm folder on my comp right?
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    Todo, Calendar, Contacts are in their own separate directories (as todo.dat, datebook.dat, address.dat) in directories todo, datebook, address under your hotsync name in PalmOne directory tree. These will be restored by their respective conduit if you set those to "desktop overwrites handheld".

    SMS is in the backup directory in a file called Messages_Database.PDB. Call log is in PhoneCalldb.PDB (I think). These will be restored by the Backup conduit, if set to "desktop overwrites handheld"

    Copy the other stuff out of the Backup direcory of you don't want other things like 3rd party stuff to be restored after a hard reset.
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