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    Hi, I just purchased a SIM-unlocked AT&T-branded phone. The firmware revision says it's 1.04-CNB.

    This is a true unlock, NOT the failed firmware trick, however the firmware is not only out of date, it's still branded with AT&T/Cingular stuff.

    THE BIG QUESTION IS: Does the 1.28(?) firmware update check for the firmware-brand or does it check the SIM-lock?

    The faux-firmware unlock trick leads me to believe that it simply checks the firmware version and it will not allow me to use the unlocked GSM firmware on my formerly-Cingular-locked phone. Does anything have any experience with this?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Yes, I should have taken 5 seconds to search. I do know better. It's just I just got my Treo roughly 4 hours ago and my enthusiasm got the better of me. My apologies.

    I have my Treo running the 1.28 unlocked GSM update now. I used the same "fake firmware unlock" procedure that anyone can find with Google.

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