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    Just got a Treo 650 on Cingular in New York area last week and finally got everything working, including e-mail and receiving and sending from Gmail.

    I like to keep the phone on all the time, but noticed in the last two days that the Treo would turn the phone off suddenly. I would turn it back on, leave it on the desk, and something like 5-10 minutes later, I would hear the descending musical sound that means the phone is being turned off again.

    Today on a call, it turned itself off! DURING the call!

    Anybody have the same experience and any clues to what might be wrong?

    Thanks to all.
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    It's probably your SIM. Shim it with a piece of paper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Gamble
    It's probably your SIM. Shim it with a piece of paper.
    or call PalmOne for the new simtray
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    I recently posted a question concerning this very issue. I tried the tip provided to place a small piece of paper (business card thickness) behind the sim and it solved the problem.
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    Stuff in the 100 dollar bill.

    Seriously, try a piece of paper.
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    Thanks for the posts. Have put in a little piece of a business card behind the SIM and trying it out.

    Nice "low tech" solution for the problem!

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