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    I would love some advice form experienced Treo users.

    I bought the Sprint Treo 650, it worked great. Added the Sony Ericson HBH 300 bluetooth headset, which worked great and had excellent sound quality.

    Then, at Sprint's suggestion, I upgraded from the firmware 1.08 that came with the phone to firmware 1.12. The firmware upgrade was completed successfully, but afterward the initial one-time pairing with the HBH 300 headset will not work (can't find the device at all). Tier 2 Sprint support at Sprint had heard of this problem but could not fix it, and said my only option if I want to use the HBH 300 is exchange it for another phone with the old firmware.

    The Sprint store set up the exchange and ordered me another Treo 650 -- except the replacement is a "refurbished/reconditioned" Treo 650. Thatís the only replacement option.

    The salesmen said this is better than a new one out of the box because it has been inspected for any problems and is therefore more certain to work perfectly.

    It will arrive in 5 days, but I am concerned about exchanging for a "refurbished/reconditioned" model. Any thoughts on whether my concern is justified?
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    I've had one refurb, and unless you run the life-timer (#*768), you would never know that it wasn't new. Physically, it looks and feels solid.
    This is with Cingular, I'm not sure how Sprint is.

    Funny thing is, this one replaced a previously sent replacement that was new according to the life-timer, yet had a loose "P" key and the 5-way navigator button was less responsive when pushing left. I called my carrier and demanded a replacement for the replacement that I didn't even have for one day.
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    I had five refurb's from Cingular before they finally sent me a brand new in the box phone. The funny thing is they did it as a free upgrade versus a warranty replacement and did not want my old phone back. I sold it on eBay and made a little money and have a brand new working perfectly Treo 650.
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    txschafers, did NONE of the 5 refurbs work properly so you kept getting them replaced?

    That makes me nervous about the refurb option.

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