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    im from toronto ontario canada.. and i recently bought an audiovox 6600.. and im thinking about returning because i think im falling in love with the treo 650. i love the audiovox its a great pda/phone but im just iffy about it since its only activated by TELUS. if i get the treo 650 who has better services for it.. data plans.. speed for web browser etc..? i have not yet activated the phone.

    i need your comparsion between the treo 650 and the audiovox 6600..

    wich has faster web browsing between theese 2 devices?

    hows the camera on treo compared to the 6600?

    hows the im programs on treo? msn/aim/icq?

    i hear many people dont like a windows operated pda/phone.. and im wondering wich software is better .

    ive owned a hiptop/sidekick for 3 years now and im very sick of that device.. its graduating time i want something POWERFUL with alot more entertainment.. movies music camera etc..

    ur help will be appricated..

    i did my searching and studying.. but i just need some input from people who use the treo heavily.

    thanks x100
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    Quote Originally Posted by gianni
    ...i did my searching and studying.. but i just need some input from people who use the treo heavily...
    I don't think that'll do it. It sounds like you need input from people who have used both the Treo 650 and the Audiovox 6600...
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    I don't know about the Audiovox, but the T650 plays movies, games, music, takes pictures, and takes bad video clips.

    I'm very happy with my T650.
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    I had an O2 XDA IIs (essentially a re-branded audiovox 6600 w/ wi-fi instead of EVDO) and I wanted to chuck the thing out the window by the time I sold it. I replaced it with a Treo 650 & have never looked back.

    I bought it over the Treo because I loved the idea of the extended display, graffiti and wi-fi (features I am still waiting for Palm to release). I also liked it because it was more esthetically pleasing than the techie looking Treo. I had been using PalmOS since my PalmV and kept with the XDA throughout the hard resets, unreliable programs and daily crashes because I thought that my problems may stop after growing accustomed to the OS. I finally gave up after I started missing calls because of perpetual lockups.

    I mainly blame the software, not the hardware for my problems. I thought that it was a sturdy handheld. So if you like WM (like so many people on these boards) you may disagree with me.

    But read the posts regarding problems on this forum and then compare them to those here at treo central before you make your decision.

    & btw, my treo is by far the best handheld I'v ever owned. (I've been through 6)
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    alright.. i have made up my mind.. the audiovox is giong back to hell. i cant stand the rates on telus mobility and bell mobility they are just rediclious. its not a triband phone.. and only works in 16 cities in north america. and i never trusted microsoft to begin with. im going to pick myself up a treo 650 and im gonna be faithful to my new wife lol.

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