Hi all,

After several months of absents from Treo (i've went to Sony Ericsson P900, Nokia 9300, PDA+phone) I decided to come back to treo. I used to have a Sprint both Treo 600 and 650 when they first came out, so i know what price range i should be looking at.

i'm not looking for the cheapest place..but a reasonable place..the reason being is that I'm looking at cingular.com, and it says the retail price for Cingular version of T650 is $449.99, on the PalmOne web site, they sell it at $549.99 (for cingular). I know I have to buy it at retail price due to my contract, but why is there a $100 difference there? Should I purchase it through Cingular instead?

Also take a look at this web site


is that the unbranded/unlocked version of Treo 650 that's being sold only directly through Palm web site? Or is that a cingular version that was unlocked?

I've searched, but most thread talks about the differnece between locked and unlocked. So any input on this would be appreciate!