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    If your Treo did not survive you can send your story (and picture if possible) to PalmInfoCenters Palm Graveyard
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    I confess I had my 650 sitting in my lap when I got out of the car (forgot it was there) It went bouncing end over end across the driveway, bounced 4 times
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    You can add me to the list...................

    Just a couple of weeks ago, someone was taking a steel beam off of some racking and truned around quickly. He smacked me in the leg with it, well actually he smacked me it the Treo with it, which hurts much, much more. Luckily, all that broke was the trim around the screen. It still lives to tell the tale.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlstang
    Honorable Mentions
    tech12 - bought a treo for the built-in GPS
    Cute. Real cute.

    That's not why I bought it, but I am honored to make the list!
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    You can add me to the list for having it pop out of my Seido holster after banging it into a door frame. My 650 scattered across the kitchen floor, the stylus went down the basement stairs and my SD card made a run for the driveway.

    When I got it put back together, the vibrate feature was louder than my Treo ringing on high.
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    I left my Treo at my cousin's house one day and his 2yo managed to call my Dad and sister and chewed the bottom of my T65 case. It now has character.
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    I'm no Klutz, it was Al Cohilics fault!!!!
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