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    Just received my Treo650 from Verizon, and I cant wait to get it fully functional.
    My Handspring Visor (Palm OS) data resides on an old Windows 98 machine. Want to install the Treo palm desktop application on my new WIN-XP machine.
    User Guide says that palm desktop application is NOT intended for WIN98.
    Don't want to install the older Visor palm desktop app on my new XP machine.
    My Question:
    Can I simply copy the Visor data directory from the WIN98 machine to the same location on the new XP machine, then do the new Treo palm desktop application install and migrate my data to the new Treo650 without a problem?
    My concern is that the Treo palm desktop app will think it needs to uninstall the Visor desktop app, which is not installed, and hang with an error.
    Reading PalmOne site, I saw an issue similar to this where the windows install tracking info was missing or corrupted (a situation similar to copying the Visor data directory to the new machine without installing the older palm desktop app) and the Treo palm desktop installer hung without completing the install.
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    DO NOT COPY THE OLD DIRECTORY to the new machine. The Treo will turn into a brick. The Treo will choke on old data settings and preferences from the old Visor.

    Do the fresh install on the XP machine.
    Use the same user id, if you wish (since this is a new PC)
    Migrate your data from the Visor to the Treo by beaming it over.
    Select by category, then all, to do a mass beam.
    You can move Contacts, appointments, tasks and memos this way.
    The next hotsync will send the data back up to your new Palm Desktop on the XP

    Then install 3rd party software fresh onto the Treo.

    You will be fresh, and good to go.

    Save 4mb of internal Treo memory if your install Docs to Go by using the below described tool:

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Perry, thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I had not thought of the beaming option. Haven't beamed much from my Visor, but it was simple in days past. I just need to get up to speed on using the Treo650 to receive the data from my Handspring Visor beam.
    Actually, I had not planned to copy the data directly into the new Desktop directory, but rather point to the Visor directory copy during the Treo650 new Desktop install.
    Would that work?? (I probably should do the beaming to be sure).

    P.S. I was thrilled to find this site. It appears rich with lots of good info on the Treo650 not found on the PalmOne, or Verizon site.
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    Hi John!

    The Treo 650 should be set to beam receive by default. If not: you can check:

    system>prefs>power>beam receive on or off
    (leave off, to conserve battery power if you do not beam receive often, turn it on for a specific beam(s) and then back off.)

    I used the beam method to go from my T3 to the Treo 650, I can't vouch for the method you propose, as I have never done it. . . . . .

    WELCOME to the Treo Community and the best PDA on the Planet (IMHO)!

    Cheers, Perry.

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