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    Is there a way that I can save my preferences - look, application preferences, etc., etc. Everytime my unit resets, it'll revert to an early version of my preferences. It drives me nuts because I have to spend 5-10 minutes going through all my apps to change them back to the way I want them, change my theme, input registration codes to downloaded apps, etc. PLEASE HELP!
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    Lots and lots of posts on this. Make sure that you regularly backup your Treo and always keep a recent copy of your Saved Preferences file on hand. Whenever your settings revert to the default and you've lost your app registrations, simply restore your copy of the Saved Preferences file.
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    Look into what's making the Treo reset like that. Do a hard reset and re-install applications if you need to.

    This type of reset (leading to a loss of the saved preferences) is not normal. Restoring the file from backup will help you for a short while, but you should work on avoiding such resets altogether.

    There are ways of dialing #*377 (GSM) or ##377 (CDMA) to identify the cause of resets.
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    aprasad is right, losing your saved preferences is not normal. I have read in the last 3 weeks where some others were discussing this issue.

    I'll search around for the discussion.
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    OMG,,,, there were about 20 threads on this exact subject and Bill was in every one of them helping out

    I suggest (as mentioned) keep a copy of your saved preferences just in case. And (as mentioned) in another thread, hard reset and re-sync you apps (PRC. and DB only).
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    I seemed to have fixed the small problem by having the handheld over ride the PC when back-up syncing.
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    Mine did the same thing again yesterday. Luckilly I back up A LOT but still I am annoyed that this happens. It is very infrequent so hard to tell what is causing it. Yesterday, it happened just after I was using TCPMP and then going back to Zlauncher (I have it TCPMP) and then to 2Day. Phone reset and I lost all prefs.
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    Yup - I work with folks who all use Treos and I have never heard of a case like this. I think you have some odd software interaction going on that is causing this. You should never spontaneously lose Saved Prefs settings.

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