Hey guys, I just went to verizon to pick up the treo, and Verizon has been so busy recently...its like going to DMV. Literally 30 people on the waiting list, 15 people waiting on tech support, about 10 on customer service. It was pure hell.

Anyway, today the treo looked smaller than it did yesterday. That just goes to show you my mind is playing tricks on me and telling me to get it

My question now is a short one, i've read all the tutorials and suggested threads, and all the free app websites...thanks for all the info.

I am going to keep my current plan 59.99, no data plan. Just use treo for text, movies, mp3, phone, and games. I'm wondering if there is a map program that WONT connect me to the internet to download the maps? I know that probably will be huge in size, but is there anything like that ?

Also, on my v710, I am able to connect to my own WAP server at home and go online by just using minutes, weekends would be free surfing, and after 9pm as well.

Does the treo support custom wap address so I can point it to my home pc and connect through my wap server/proxy?

Also, with my v710, instant messenger is free as well since i use my own wap server, and have unlimited text? do you think AIM is free on the treo since I have the 5.00 unlimited text option? Or will it charge you airtime for being online, and the AIM messages are different than a text message?

Thanks in advance guys, let me know if i didnt make sense..i'll try to clean it up, lol.