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    Wow! Treos are becoming mainstream. Where I'm from I have only seen one other person with a Treo in the past 6 months (small town I guess), but I'm on vacation in the San Antonio/Austin area and I have already seen at least 10 treos today alone. Haven't asked if they're TC'ers though. Any of you from San Antonio? Been at the Riverwalk yesterday or at the San Marcos outlets today?
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    I'm in Austin and don't get out of the office much so I don't see many. But yesterday I was talking to a customer on the phone and heard the Treo default ringer go off in the background on his end. That started a conversation about Treo's, bluetooth, headsets and rom upgrades. He thought it was funny that I knew his phone by the ring.
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    I'm in S.A. Have had my Treo since Nov. See 'em all the time here. When I beam my business card to people, it has in it.

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