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    I'm currently with Sprint and in the past couple of weeks coverage in my area has taken a nosedive - a few years ago when we moved to this neighborhood I dropped a phone from Sprint because I needed better coverage. My wife kept her phone and a couple of years later coverage became very good - maybe added/leased a new tower? - so I added my phone back (and got a free treoo 300 for myt efforts In the past couple of weeks it's back to where it was when we moved - intolerably bad. I have to go outside to use the phone. I opened a ticket with Sprint and expect an answer in the next couple of days.

    Anticipating that Sprint will say there's nothing wrong, in the meantime I'm wonder what the service of other providers is like in my area; zip 94707, in northbrae section of berkeley, about a 1/2 mile NE of monterey market.

    Also, what's the cdma's 650's reception like compared to the 600? Any marked difference? My 600 seems to be better than my wife's sanyo 8100, which in turn was a hell of a lot better than my 300.

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    I live in Melbourne, Australia, but lived in Berkeley as late as last year. I had a Treo 600 on T-Mobile and it worked a treat. I was in the North Berkeley area on Chestnut near University.

    That said, I'm sure all the providers have their good and bad spots, especially depending on your proximity to the various hills.

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