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    I just picked up the Treo 650 on Verizon and cannot figure out why my outgoing emails do not get files under the Sent Folder ? I had to manually do the Wireless Sync and then they all appeared ? Isn;t this supposed to be automatic ? I came from a Blackberry for Data on Tmobile and Cell service on Verizon, thought I would give this all in one a try. Not liking it, the email part of it is not at all well designed like the blackberry, but I do like the phone part and the awesome screen. 15 days to decide, I am leaning toward going to the Blackberry 7250.
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    VersaMail? Check your settings and make sure you have the option to save sent messages enabled. I also have mine set up to BCC my corporate account with all messages so I will not lose any without really trying.

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