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    I traded up from a Clie N760C to a Treo 650 which has been a good choice so far but I really miss my back button. There is that button on the left edge just below the volume buttons which is programmable. It is also right where my back button was on the 760.

    Can I program that left edge button to be a back button?
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    I assume you want a button that lets you go back to the previous open app. I don't think you can program the side button to do that. There are several launcher-type apps that have that capability. I use McPhling, and I have hold-left-arrow programmed to return to the previous app.
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    Actually it brought me back to the last page whatever it was...whether it was an application or a different page within an app.

    For example, if I am at the main menu and I move to an app, the back button brought me back to the main menu. If I am looking at my calendar daily view and click on the details of an appointment, the back button would bring me back to the daily view.

    I guess I will have to live without it
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    Works for me -- may work for you:

    I have been using an app called CoLauncher for years. The publisher hasn't updated it since the last century, but it still seems to work with any Palm OS.

    You assign CoLauncher to any hardware button. I assigned it to the Side button on my Treo 650. Once you press the hardware button to launch CoLauncer, you have two seconds to press another key, which launches an app designated by you. CoLauncher allows you to make individual assignments to each lower case letter, plus each upper case letter, plus each number, a total of 62 different assignments.

    In lieu of launching applications, individual keystrokes can be assigned to other tasks, some of which harken back to early Palm Pilot days (e.g., backlighting). But the task that would interest you is the Previous App option. For example, you could designate that the P key would launch the previous application. Press Side, then P, and you've launched your previous app.

    Unfortunately, to CoLauncher, the previous app is the previous application that you launched with CoLauncher. So if you used the Treo's Home window, or if you used another hardware button, CoLauncher does not remember it as the previous app. If you use CoLauncher as much as I do, however, and if you are clever in configuring the hardware buttons in CoLauncher (yet another option), this is rarely a problem.

    CoLauncher is $8 with a free trial. It is worth a try.

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