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    A publicly announced offical release date.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sukiyaki
    A publicly announced offical release date.
    I heard they are shipping a lot more units this quarter than the 2nd quarter. They probably will delay the official anouncement as late as possible. I don't know about the WM5 Treo leak, but the Treo 700 leak felt like a intentional leak from Palm, just a hunch. Just to keep the fans happy.

    Basically you probably can find a more technically advanced PocketPC model from a different manufacturer, but Treo should have the biggest backing from the US telcos in 2006, still. In this country this is very important. If they can roll out the next Treo on all 3 phone carriers within 3 months, I would say they do a very good job.

    I don't know about T-Mobile, they seem to be busy trying to sell themselves right now.
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    -EVDO (Wifi is overrated)
    -1.3MP camera
    -128MB of RAM
    -Bluetooth v1.2

    And dare I say, "Windows Mobile!!!!"
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    There are lots of things I'd like but here's my top 100:

    001: I'd like the Treo not to freeze when I loose CDMA signal in the train tunnels!
    010: WiFI
    011: More main memory (why not someting like 512 Mb or 1Gb?)
    100: I also liked Insertion's idea. (sort of like ear-cushions) ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mediasi
    Not me, I like the color. Darker casing means the screen looks smaller. Lighter color opens it up.

    wouldn't the contrast help in readability though?
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    An electic razor, for late afternoon touch-ups.
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    3.5" headphone jack
    Slightly smaller form factor (1/4" thinner, 1/4" shorter)
    No antenna
    Slightly faster processor
    BT 1.2
    Longer battery
    "Real" mp3 player, video player

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    I have been a palm user since the days of my m105, and a treo user since the T300 came out. I know own a 650, and for as much as I love this device, there are some thing about it that could be improved upon for the next revision. Although it looks like the T 670 is just about complete, it looks like it will be running windows mobile. This does not impress me, I have used pocet PC's and was never impressed with them, I do not recall a day where the thing didn't lock up on me. These improvements would make the next treo the perfect device. Well, at least in my eyes.

    OS; I am "Palm 4 Life" and would like to see Cobalt on the next treo, even a linux OS would be acceptable, but a Microsoft OS has no place in a Palm device.

    Form Factor; I like the size of the treo, I do wish it had a larger screen, and a hidden keyboard, I believe a slider type device would take care of this. Although it may add a little bulk to it, i could deal with a little bit thicker device if it has what I want

    Expansion; I love the SD card slot, which was not present on my T 300, I would like to see another one though. Yes, that's right, two SD slots, one hidden under the battery next to the sim card slot, or next to where the sim card should be in my case, and one right where it is. It would be nice to be able to install the apps I download from Sprint to a card, to save on RAM.

    Bluetooth; As of now the BT is sub-bar. When my treo is in my P6 pouch case, the reception to the BT headset is marginal at best. I usually end up putting it in my shirt pocket to prevent static. The radio could stand to be slightly more powerful.

    Camera; Lose the video recording, it sucks anyways. I would much rather see a 1MP or better camera in there with a real xenon flash, rather than an LED flash. In fact, I would rather have no flash than an LED flash, it seems to turn people a light shade of blue, at least on my wifes phone it does.

    Voice Features; Why is it that a 600 dollar phone does not have voice dialing, this baffles me. I like the Voicesignal product, it seems to do very well on the Samsung phones, I dont know who else uses it, but I think it should be standard on all phones, it is a safety issue. I would also like to see a voice recorder, nothing fancy, just something to allow me to record my random thoughts, and reminders when I am unable to input them by hand.

    Graffiti; Need I say more. That was one feature of the PPC that I like, the "pop-up" graffiti window. A great idea, and with a larger screen, this would not take up half of the screen as it would on the Treo screen now.

    Display; I love the resolution on the current display, it could stand to be less vertically challenged though. This would also allow for landscape mode to be usefull, when surfing the web, or watching a movie, that would be great.

    Stylus; I have big sausage like fingers, i have learned to use the keyboard efficiently, but I still cannot cope with the stylus. Lucky for me, there is no graffiti on this device, and the 5-way nav makes my life pretty easy, but I would like to see a stylus with a litlle more girth to it.

    Sound; The speaker is OK on the 650, but it could be better. Stereo sound would be clutch. The addition of a 1/8" headphone jack would be nice as well, but the 3/32" headset jack must remain as well. I would also like to see the Treo play MP3 ringtones without the addition of 3rd party software that crashes more often than not. The earpiece could use some work as well, if you own one, you know what I mean.

    Network; EV-DO? Wi-Fi? I personally think that Wi-Fi would be a waste of precious real estate inside the phone. I am currently satisfied with Sprint's 3G network for what I need it for, EV-DO would be an added bonus, but it would not be a selling point for me.

    Sync/Charge connector; I like the idea of a standardized connector on the palm devices, I just wish it wasn't a crappy design. Three times now i have not been able to sync due to a piece of stray pocket lint. I much prefer the modular type connector found on most cell phones, or even just a plain 'ol USB connector would do.

    Push-to-Talk; This is a must, I have used both nextel, and Sprint's ready-link, I love the functionality, and would like to see it in the next device. With the Sprint-nextel merger, I would bet that it is already a consideration.

    Battery; The battery in the Treo now is not bad, but I upgraded to the aftermarket Mugen battery, and love it. It would almost be necessary to upgrade the power source if all of these toys are added to the phone.

    Infrared; I love IR, i just wish it was a little bit more powerful, in my line of work the ability to use the phone as a universial remote saves me alot of time and prevents me from having to carry a ton of remotes in my box.

    Well, thats my rant , this would be my perfect treo. I have a buddy of mine working on some graphic renderings, because I cant even draw a crappy stick figure, I will try to post the drawings when he is finished.
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    Well, perhaps WiFi could be for non american models, like up in Canada where the only known "unlimited" data provider was Fido, for _$50_ a month, and doesn't seem to offer even that anymore. Right now I'm strongly considering an alternative phone next simple because of the small screen and lack of WiFi.

    Hearing $10 from Sprint makes me sick (and a bit envious )
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    The question here should be: What do you want in your Treo that probably won't make it into the next one? EV-DO will be there, more memory will be there. UMTS probably won't, wifi probably won't.

    All I care about is EV-DO. They can keep the Treo exactly the way is it for all I care.

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    landscape screen, grafitti, more memory, stability.
    basically a T5 phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by littlewaywelt
    landscape screen, grafitti, more memory, stability.
    basically a T5 phone.
    What's the purpose of a landscaped screen when the screen is square?
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever7
    Something that's not in pseudo silver color. I would pay 100 more for a snobbery version.
    Haha, I second that. I don't like the plastic silver color either. Palm, please make your next phone a non flashy color. Maybe just plain black.
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    1. EvDo
    2. 3.0 Megapixel Camera
    3. Bigger Screen
    4. 2G Storage
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    1. UTMS
    2. Atleast 128mb RAM
    3. Linux Palm OS
    4. Thinner
    5. More battery life
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    WiMax capability.
    mini-projector built in (or mini-holographic display)
    Surround sound
    built-in GPS
    Palm OS
    more high-speed memory
    built-in solar battery backup
    built-in voice command
    latest bluetooth
    etc. etc.

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    Simple fix:

    Reverse the positions of the IR port and the sound switch.

    I've missed too many calls from inadvertently putting it into vibrate.
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    still missing but very helpful:

    small built-in scanner for businesscards & phonenumbers out of magazines and papers
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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmonova
    still missing but very helpful:

    small built-in scanner for businesscards & phonenumbers out of magazines and papers

    Take a picture
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