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    Alright, so I was flying into Columbus, GA for airborne training right... Well when I was landing I took a brief little video of the outside to send my girlfriend because she has never flown before.
    Well after we land we're sitting there waiting for them to get the stairs out (the plane was a little pond-hopper) and all of a sudden this airport employee lady come running from the back of the plane and comes up to my seat and says "Is there a palm pilot here?!?!" I was thinking... Oh ****, did I really **** something up by taking a quick little video?
    Well she reaches down into the seat pocket in front of me and pulls out a 650! And just walks off the plane. I was like, wtf? That thing was there the entire time? I thought I did something wrong (which I did, but bleh) and I was gonna get busted. lol
    I just thought that was strange as hell considering that I have a 650 as well.
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    What kind of insane person would leave a 650 in the pocket of the airplane seat and then get up and walk away. It's probably a good thing that you had your own ;-)
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