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    I have returned my Treo twice and everytime I do, there is a treo user at the store doing the same. In fact by the second time the sprint attendant did not ask me and knew I wanted to return. Does this affects palm's bottom line?
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    Every company plans for a certain small percentage of returns. Obviously, it is an expense item and, yes, reduces a company's profit. When the amount of returns is more than "planned" the financials take an unplanned expense "hit." As well, the "planned" amount of returns is built into the product's price.

    The question is, what is the true precentage of returns? If you were in the store -- it is very likely that you would run into another "returnee." Just like this forum, people come here looking for answers to problems -- so most are posting about a problem -- the other 95+ish out of hundred, that don't have a question, don't come here and say the don't have a problem. So trying to take a read on the problem from here or from in the store is difficult. Your poll will thus be skewed and statistically invalid as a measure of "all Treo users."

    Palm is in business to make money, they will keep an eye on the return rate and fix what is unacceptable with that rate.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    you would be amazed at the level of returns a company will tolerate. They are making $$, but just imagine how much more they could be making.....

    this is a simple math problem, i.e., the lost dollars from getting a device to market later - the lost dollars from returns = opportunity

    if opportunity is a positive number, then the only risk is credibility, not profit.
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    once...when i first bought my t650 gsm in february it was pretty messed...two days later i ordered a new one...actually it was on valentine's day
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    I had to return my first Treo 650. No matter what, it would not synchronize my Calendar info at all, even after an hour with their tech support rep based in the Phillipines. The replacement model works just fine. Sometimes it's better to simply replace a unit than spend hours trying to fix something.
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    As much as I like Palm (3 Palms and counting), if they don't fix they ****ty hotsync cable, they will have another class action suit coming.
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    I would imagine that they have some agreement with the manufacturer HTC that if returns exceed x%, HTC has to start covering some/most of the cost.

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