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    I looked for a specific thread defining this issue...nada. What I have picked up so far is that:

    1. Purchasing an unlocked treo (or any other cell phone) is expensive.
    2. Unlocked is ideal for international travelers.
    3. Getting the unlock codes from carriers is like pulling teeth.

    What I don't understand is:

    1. What is the value of having a Treo that is unlocked?
    2. Definition of 'unlocked?'
    3. Can u still be with any of the main carriers with a unlocked Treo?

    Before the acne-encrusted guy at the Cing store passed out from me choking the crap out of him, he whispered that u can only use "their" phones.

    That is all.

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    Getting phones unlocked isn't exactly like pulling teeth. T-Mobile is very reasonable and if you are a customer they will email the code and dircections in 24 hours. Just call and tell them that you are traveling and want to use a prepaid SIM. I believe Cingular will also send you the unlock code if you ask. Just be polite and persistent. In addtion, there are sevices that will unlock your phone for a fee.

    There are several advantages to an unlocked. The obvious one being that you can switch GSM carriers and keep your phone. Also, you can travel with your phone and use either prepaid SIM cards or roam with your carrier (this can be pricey). I like to sell my devices on eBay when I get bored with them and it is my experience that unlocked phones have better resale values because your potential market is much larger.
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    Excellent info......thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by winginit
    What I don't understand is:

    1. What is the value of having a Treo that is unlocked?
    An unlocked Treo is not the same as an Unbranded Unlocked Treo (UUT). UUT is sold directly by Palm and is the most expensive Treo one can buy. Wireless service providers put their own programs in their branded Treo. Sometimes these programs / features are embeded in such a way that they are not easy to remove. Wireless service providers also disable some functions, such as Dial Up Networking (DUN) and the ability to manually search for wireless towers and select one with the best signal. Just unlocking a locked Treo does not bring back these disabled features.

    The shortcomings of a branded Treo can be overcome by hacks and installation of the update that is meant for the unbranded Treo. However, installing unauthorized hacks and updates may void warrenties. Also note, just installing the "wrong" update will not unlock a locked Treo.

    Some people pay extra for unbranded unlocked phones rather than (a) live with diminished features of branded phones or (b) spend time getting the phone unlocked, then spend more time installing hacks or unauthorized updates etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by winginit
    2. Definition of 'unlocked?'
    Just unlocked phone is one that can be used with any wireless service provider by inserting different SIM cards. However, with a branded unlocked phone the brand specific tweaks and "features" may not work as expected when used with the SIM card of a different service provider.

    An unbranded unlocked phone is one that does not have wireless service provider specific tweaks builtin and they can be used with any wireless service provider.

    Quote Originally Posted by winginit
    3. Can u still be with any of the main carriers with a unlocked Treo?
    Prio Treo
    Unlocked Unbranded Treo 650 on T-Mobile-T-Zone
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    Can a Sprint treo300 be

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