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    Hey guys... question for people who actually bought an Unbranded Unlocked Treo 650 direct from Palm.

    I have a Cingular Treo 650, and there are some files that are installed by default everytime you do a hard reset on the Treo. The files are:

    DXTG AttachmentPlugin.prc

    and a couple obvious ones like DocsToGo and what not.
    Question what are they and are they needed?
    And what are the ones installed on an unbranded palm install cd?
    (you can check by going into the palmone directory, then going to AddOns.)

    I'm guessing DXTG attachment, sheettogo, wtgfontpackage is docstogo related, but what are dslib, mmupgrade, ss/wpP2P?

    I'd like to hard reset my treo again but dont' want any of the junk cingular adds.
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    mmupgrade is for versamail, if you don't use, why would you, delete

    the others are all the dataviz tech tool and put most of it on your card.
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