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    I was wondering if anyone knew when the Treo 600 & 650 were announced by P1, and when they actually went on sale (the quarter).

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    Have you tried the Palm web sight?
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    Good idea, I just got the info. Thanks!
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    Palm/Handspring are awful in terms when they announce and when they are truly available in your hand. They are big on freezing your purchase decision and then leaving you hanging.

    Thus, for example, they will announce it will be available on say June 1st. And then on June 1st or later, they will announce that the product is now "available" for placing orders. The orders often ship weeks later. If you are lucky....

    They were particularly off mark when they launched the 600. It was outrageously late and then quantities were limited. They knew that quantities would be limited based upon their mfg. order cycles (since HS was close to broke), but tough on you.

    They make a wonderful product. The problem is that they are awful people.

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