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    Just passing on info from our corporate reps. Good meeting with them today regarding strategy, etc. Mentioned that the next major porduct refresh would be ~7 to 9 months out, and that it would be a UMTS radio once the data network is there to support it.

    Frankly, I'm wondering why I'd want UMTS in a little Treo. EDGE is more than enough for the occasional minor browsing on the small screen Treo. If they came up with a Treo with a slider style expanding screen, then one would get closer to a laptop replacement and put UMTS to real use.

    Again, just passing on what I heard today, who knows what the real dates really are for the next Treo. The rep did mention that several new Microsoft OS devices and a new Blackberry device will be launched in the next couple of quarters. More competion...that's good...for all of us in the user world.

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    What does this have to do with the Treo 650? Thanks for the info though.
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    yes...wrong forum....try the future treo forum next time.

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    im glad you had a good strategy meeting.

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