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    First of all I know this has been asked 10000 times so I am sorry. I have been using a Palm Zire72 since December and absolutely love it. I do not however love the fact that I carry a Palm and a cell phone. My friend convinced me to get a blackberry, which I did and so far I like it (sort of). I like very much the email aspect of it, ubt HATE the PDA aspects such as Palm Desktop, the calendar, tasks etc that I have grown to love on the Palm format. For these reasons I am leaning towards selling this and upgrading to a new Treo 650. I need some help please.
    The blackberry as most know has the emial push technology. The Treo (on Verizon) has wireless sync, BUT, I am not a corporate person, instead am using this to integrate 1 work and 2-3 personal accounts which on the blackberry has been easy thus far using the forward options in those email accounts or simply the pop3 access. On the treo can I simply do the same thing? In reading the wireless sync literature it says my computer (work for most I am sure) has to be on. Wekll this cannot happen for me so can i simply have say my hotmail and gmail accounts just forward the email to my treo and get it in real time as i am not on the blackberry. I need the email but NEEED the calendar. Thanks for any help. PS if you do not mind writing back to so it goes to my blackberry I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks again.
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    if you use imap, you can get a free account from fastmail and then use chatter email. it does push for imap. and may do it for pop, but not really sure.

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    You can set up to 8 VersaMail accounts. These need to access POP3 servers. I have my work and 4 home accounts (each member of the family) set up on my Treo. You can set a "pull" as quick as every 5 minutes, if you so desire. I just do a manual pull, whenever I am ready to read my mail.

    There are also, 3rd party email options that many people on this forum are happy with. Do a search on Snapper and Chattermail. But I would definitly get a Treo! Best PDA, Phone, Internet and Email device on the planet, IMHO.

    Cheers, Perry.

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