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    Hi All,
    I think I am going to finally break down and get one of these units. There seem to be 2 camps (Treo lovers and Blackberry lovers) and each uses and raves about their unit. (how about the Samsung i500 palm/phone?)

    Wondering if any of you can provide me with some insight on why you love yours and what swayed you to buy/use one over the other. How about the pros or cons that I should be aware of. I know the Treo has MP3 and an SD expansion slot. Nice to have but not critical for me...I am a light e-mail user and own my own small company. Basically i am tired of lugging around a Palm device and a phone.

    I like to be able to just throw my phone in my pocket and go. Can I do that with either of these? Seems like I might be able to with the Blackberry but the Treo might be a bit big for that?

    Thanks guys, I appreciate your comments.
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    Please post these questions in the correct forum.
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