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    Colorado just passed a law against teen drivers using cell phones (while driving).
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    I think talking on the cell phone has gotten a bad rap. Don't get me wrong I think talking on the phone while driving is a bad idea. What I do not like is the specific laws being passed against cell phone usage while driving. There should be only one law and as far as I know every area has that, the law states that you can not do anything that impairs driving, this could include cell phone usage but more I know people who talk bad about folks driving while on the phone while they casually bite down on a big mac or reach behind the seat to smack a kid.
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    good for colorado. california needs to take a hint.

    i think hands free set-ups would be a great in all cars. holding the phone and dialing are a major issue. the talking is secondary. the way i look @ it is... we all have passengers and we can carry on conversations with them... what is the difference between that and a phone call. with my old phone i spent $400 and had a hands free kit (awesome set-up) put in my 4runner. it worked great and i was able to focus a lot more on driving.

    text messaging, soft resets, browsing these forums,... that is a whole other issue :-)
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    Christinac130, the sad thing was, I was on the side of the road. I wasn't even driving but since I was in the cab of my truck they got me. Yes I was on my Treo, the funny part is, my keys were not even in the ignition, they were in the passenger seat. plus i'm not the only beer expert here......
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    Yeah, if you look at cellphone related auto accident statistics, they're pretty scary and going to get worse!

    I'm concerned that most of the phone related accident statistics are only going to get much worse because of the increasing popularity of non-voice functions on phones ie text messaging, instant messaging, web browsing, blogging, etc.

    Somewhere in Grand Haven, MI there's a white pontiac with some paint scratches on the rear bumper becasue I had a burger in one hand and a cell phone in the other

    Lately I've heard of and seen more and more people pulling over for calls. I admit that I'll use the phone while driving quite a bit, but I've completely stopped reading or typing anything while driving!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by frankricard
    i think hands free set-ups would be a great in all cars. holding the phone and dialing are a major issue. the talking is secondary. the way i look @ it is... we all have passengers and we can carry on conversations with them... :-)
    From what I understand from reading a recent study, hands-free may not be as safe as you think. Just the act of holding a conversation can be enough of a distraction to
    take your focus off the road. The bottom line is that driving is probably the highest risk activity that most of undertake and it requires our FULL attention.
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    you should really have your Treo switched off, placed neatly in the glove box or storage area, keep both hands on the wheel and watch out for the lady in the SUV next to you who is yelling at her kids, drinking a soda AND talking to her husband on the cell phone. While I do approve of BT to car speaker systems, I feel like even headsets are very distracting. Be careful and don't run over any Scooterists while reseting your Treo!
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    I checked my Yahoo movies bookmark while driving...
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb
    As a motorcycle rider who is constantly at risk from idiots who are paying attention to eveything BUT their driving, I'd like everyone to remember that they're piloting 1 and a half to 3 tons of steel
    I am in the same boat...err cycle and I am always shocked at the various things I see people trying to do while they are driving.

    Playing with their Gameboy, grabbing CDs from the back seat, disciplining their children, groping their girlfriend, shaving, applying makeup, messing with their contacts, even saw one guy trying to smoke a 3ft bong while driving.

    However, I think the worst offender was someone playing XXX porn in his SUV. It wasn’t that he was driving bad, it was all the cars around him jockeying for the prime porno watching position behind him and leaving no following distance.

    I am sure people will always keep doing things that are unsafe in their cars no matter what. I just hope people will get in the habit of leaving more then enough following distance. Remember the 3-second rule is for perfect conditions. Therefore, when you are playing with your Treo or the weather is bad it would be best to double or triple it.

    How many of you can say you follow the 3 second rule? Give it a shot and you’ll be surprised how most only leave 1 second of room.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frankricard
    i am ashamed to admit it but i found myself doing a soft reset while driving twice last week. totally unsafe but i needed to use my phone. i always use my bt headset to be safe while driving. i dont want to come off as one of those jerks who are on their phone while driving and not paying attention. as stated above.... i am ashamed....

    now to my question.....

    have you ever done a soft reset while driving?
    If you can afford it, get a bluetooth system or an integrated phone built-in. Hands-free is the way to go. The McDonalds headset is a no-no.
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    z3bum said,
    Be careful and don't run over any Scooterists
    .....or small yellow cars


    ...the Truth will set you free!
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    i almost got ran into today by a lady who refused to look before she changed lanes. she almost hit me, then almost someone else up the road. by the time i caught up to her to see what her problem was... she refused to look anywhere but straight ahead.

    my point is..... i know many people who drive better than this lady while on their cells, drinking coffee, and playing with their ipods. haha.

    hands free for me!!!
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    reset hole was the best upgrade I have made to this thing. It is much too difficult and unsafe to remove skin case, remove battery cover, reset, while driving. I can barely remove my battery cover and it is nearly impossible to put back correctly with two hands, let alone while driving. drill a hole and bask in your glory with your treo "mod".

    Brodcasting porn to fellow commuters post has made me rotfl. I've seen plenty of Shrek 2 on the highways of phila, but never anything with Jameson.
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    I confess, the only time I use my Treo when driving is to listen to audiobooks. Otherwise, it's stowed in my handbag/laptop bag.

    I've had too many folks on cell phones nearly hit me on the road -- I'm just not interested in taking the risk of using the treo and possibly hitting someone/harming myself.
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    I always have my Treo headset on, since I generally listen to podcasts while I drive. Of course, it's extremely tempting to send out a quick SMS, but I don't want to have an accident on my conscience.

    By the way, the South Wales police in the UK will slap you a fine of UKP1,000 ($1800) for using your phone while driving :
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    I noticed a lot of people saying that they thought it's safer to use a headset while driving. A study was recently conducted in Australia, I believe, and they found that people talking on a headset are actually 4 times as likely to get into an accident as someone talking on the handset. Granted, these were wired headsets, but I don't know how much better BT ones would have faired. If I can find the link again, I'll post it.
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    As likely, I can buy into; 4 times more likely than handset users I find a bit astonishing. . . .

    Did they mean 4 times more likely than not being on the phone?

    Cheers, Perry.
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    People with headsets tend to be on the phone more, while driving, then people without them. But I put me with my BT set over soccer mom, any day of the week.
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    No. But I've been known to surf the web while driving.
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    a 3ft. bong while driving? That's either an extreme exaggeration or something I have to see...
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