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    It seems I have to hard reset my device multiple times a day when it decides not to connect to the internet. I get some GPRS error with the code 0x7143.

    I called Tmobile and seems their only solution is for me to send the phone back, on my $, and wait for them to receive it and then send me a new phone. Seems they cannot send me a new phone first.

    Has anyone else had problems like this????
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    Does your phone work?

    Go to the phone and press the menu key. Go to "Options" and then tap Phone Info (just under the line). What does it report for Firmware, Software and Hardware? Please post the results.
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    Actually it has been working now. I called Tmobile again and this time spoke to someone in their PDA department. They said they reset something on their side and it has been working fine ever since.
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